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Feb 26, 2010 09:23 AM

Adams Morgan: Solo Dining Favorities?

Hi...while i'm in DC for a few days i've eaten at the bar at a couple places in the Dupont and U St. areas that i loved: Hank's Oyster Bar and Bar Pilar...and, i think i'm going to go explore Adams Morgan next...

Any recommendations for Adams Morgan restaurants where it's fun to eat at the bar ?...all cuisines...thanks in advance...

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  1. After having been to the Black Squirrel last weekend with my boyfriend, I think sitting at the bar and eating there would be a great spot.

    TVs, nice staff, great food...It didn't seem like the typical Adams Morgan spot

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      I like eating at the counter at the Diner. They don't really have a bar, but lots of people eat solo at Himalayan Heritage. Their food is amazing. HImalayan food is similiar to Indian. Overall though Adams Morgan is not really a culinary hotspot. It's more for bars. Those are the only two places I eat in Adams Morgan regularly solo or with groups.

    2. Cashion's Eat Place, on Columbia just below 18th, sounds like just what you're looking for. Bourbon, on 18th (I don't think I've ever actually eaten *at* the bar there, but it is a bar with good food.) Haven't been to Black Squirrel in a long time, but think that's also a good idea. (I also really like Hank's and Bar Pilar.)

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        thanks...Cashion's menu looks great...(as does the liquor menu at Bourbon)...

        Another place i liked was Cafe Nema...i didn't eat there but i grabbed a quick glass of wine and liked the lowkey vibe...

      2. I use to live in neighborhood and therefore would dine by myself quite often. I was a regular at the Diner's counter. I also liked dining at Bourbon, New Orleans Cafe (try to get the small table in the front in the window...great people watching), L'Enfant (better for outdoor dining but still good for crepes and a Belgium beer), and the bar at Cashion's.