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Q American Barbeque

Check this spot out. I don't think Jonathan Eismann's newest Design District location could have had a better opening night. The packed house was entertained with great live music and treated to good beer and lots of shots. This set the stage for the heart of Q which is the Barbecue. The ribs and wings were delicious. Did I taste a very subtle addition of some warm asian 5 spice in either the rub or the sauce? Nice idea to throw the chicken drummettes in the smoker as I felt a real college bar vibe last night, even thought that was 20+ years ago for most of the crowd. Don't know what hours the place will keep but could shape up to be a great late-night spot complete with drink, food and tunes.

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  1. sounds fun and delicious! Can't wait to check it out! maybe will breathe much needed late night life into the DD!

    1. Great time last night indeed. Was already full by the time I got there, but the ribs and especially the wings were great. Good beer selection. Can't wait to try the full menu and get some more specifics on time in the smoker and whatnot.

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          I checked the website. The phone number is 305 barbeque. I think there's an extra number in it....

        2. So is it up and running? Will it be open this weekend? Debating between here and Sugarcane.

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            Q just tweeted they're open for dinner tonight.

          2. sorry for typo: thought should have been though...

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              Wow! I can't wait to try this place out! Always on the lookout for good BBQ! Gotta go...have 8 slabs of babybacks on the smoker right now!


            2. Just saw the menu. Maybe I'm crazy, but the prices seem a bit high for BBQ? I know this is fancy yuppie bbq, but still?....

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                Full rack of spare ribs or baby backs for $18 at Q compares pretty favorably with places like Shorty's (full rack of baby backs for $17) or Tom Jenkins in FTL ($17-18) (all prices from MenuPages). 1/2 chicken for $8 also right on target with those (though the whole "extra fancy" organic bird has a bigger price tag). The pulled pork and brisket by the pound may be more, and the sides, particularly if not "family" portions, are more. The steaks from the "Aztec Grill" part of the menu are definitely pricier than you'd find at an average bbq place.

                There are not as "yuppie" prices as, say Smoke't, the new place in South Miami, where full racks are $22-24, or Bulldog, where a full rack of baby backs is $23.

                Some of these comparisons may be a bit off b/c some include a side and others do not, but the Q prices don't seem at all out of whack.

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                  I would agree with Frod....those prices are indeed reasonable......and compare favorably to other restaurant BBQ establishments.....These aren't roadside stands we're talking about.....Brick-n-Mortar places.....with overhead and the like......Looking forward to trying it.....I'm thinking I hit this place on Thursday......and see what's what!.......Maybe some other "Chow-Ders" may join me.....will be there around 6 p.m.......


              2. I went on Saturday, and for a place that just opened, no surprise in it having ups and downs. However, the ups (spare ribs and chicken) were pretty high up. I liked the baby-backs less and was disappointed in side options. Coleslaw and pickles were good, enjoyed the corn bread, but no fries, corn, mac. Service was spotty, though not necessarily bad. They triple charged us for a cobbler, then took it off the bill as apology. Beer selection was fine (went with Old Thumper), though they're still getting their drinks straightened out.

                Will go back. Their quality blows Smoke't out of the water. Actually, it's just very different in its ambitions.

                1. I went Friday night, and I was impressed. As an often homesick Texan, it was a real treat to finally find a place with excellent quality SLICED!!!! brisket. I was in heaven. I also tried the spare ribs...very good, tender with lots of meat on each bone. The cheese grits were also quite good...they mix in some gorgonzola, I think, with the cheddar. They were out of Shiner beer and Blue Bell ice cream...but very glad to see these on the menu.

                  This place may just be good enough to keep me from having to drive up to Tom Jenkins. Now, if we could just get some good Tex-Mex...

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                    how would you compare the brisket here to places you have been in tx. It would be appreciatied if you can name a few texas spots you can compare it too.

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                      I think it's really good in comparison...thick sliced, lean/not fatty, nice pink smoke ring, flavorful crust on the outside that helped lock in the juices and keep it moist. My favorite spots in Texas were all straight-up-the fairway joints like Salt Lick and Rudy's (Austin) and Luling City Market (Houston). I think the brisket compares very well to those. Plus, they have mustard-based sauce as a choice (my favorite). You can order online from Luling: http://www.lulingcitymarket.com/. I might put them both side-by-side for a fun taste-test one weekend.

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                          I take it back then! It just seemed high to me because I'm used to bbq joints in the South.

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                            I ventured out to Q American Barbecue last night and had a very, very positive experience even if things didn't get off to the best of starts.

                            Upon arriving to the location, my first thought was this place had better be pretty good it's a bit off the beaten path (and that's OK) and the parking situation isn't the best - and we'll just leave it at that.

                            I showed up around 6 which is way early by Miami dining standards and was warmly greeted and sat at a high-top near the bar and right in the flow of things (and that works for me). I went over the menu closely even though I checked it out on-line.

                            My server was very nice and I ordered the smoky wings and the BBQ Combo - 2 half slabs with different sauces. I also asked my waiter if I could sample the sliced brisket and with no hesitation in his voice he chirped "no problem" and delivered two nice slices in just minutes before the wings and ribs.

                            The brisket was properly smoked with a nice, pink smoke ring. It has been taken to proper inner temperature (195 - 200). It was tender, not mushy, ideal. However, it was very bland and it just didn't have a proper dry rub on the outside. Nice that it was smoked properly but no real taste.

                            Then came the smoky wings. These were slightly over-smoked as they were probably a bit drier on the outside than intended. They were moist enough on the inside and very, very tasty indeed. I think they may do better to choose a larger, better grade of wing (yes, wings do come graded and in different sizes). Nonetheless a tasty treat to behold.

                            And then on to the ribs. Folks, I've eaten alot of different ribs at alot of different establishments. Some world famous, some not so much. And without question, these were the finest restaurant ribs I've ever eaten.

                            The membrane was removed from the back - and you'd be surprised how many restaurants don't take 15 seconds to remove that piece of skin so the rubs and spices can take effect on both sides of the slab.

                            They were properly smoked and were plyable. These weren't mushy and 'falling off the bone' as many erroneously believe that's how BBQ'd ribs should be. The dry rub was somewhat tangy with a hint of sweetness. And after gently being pulled away from the bone, the meat was tender, flavorful and absolutely delicious. If you're really curious as to how properly smoked ribs are supposed to taste - they're serving them here.

                            Besides cornbread (which I didn't eat) I didn't order any of the sides. At a BBQ restaurant (especially on the first visit) the MEAT is THE THING. I don't care about beans, slaws, cornbreads - none of it. I care about the meat that I'm eating and paying for and Q American Barbecue delivered.

                            The establishment itself is very pleasing to the eye. Comfortable tables and chairs, attractive but not overly fancy. Southern rock standards eminated from the stereo at just the right level. And folks that were starting to gather around the bar were having a wonderful time as well.

                            It's early in the game but this place really rates. I've had the good fortune to eat at many "destination' BBQ establishments and I'm hoping that this place becomes one. I did speak with the manager who was extremely nice and personable. I congratulated him on the effort and told him - - - "Don't screw this up".

                            I'll be back.


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                              Ha! LargeLife--I love that you told them not to screw it up. I'm going to check this place out this week. Sounds promising.

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                                EMac, which of the ribs did you like better? I got the same combo platter and the end result of the baby backs was a little ham-like, while the other ones were knock out of the park good.

                                Now, I don't know anywhere near as much as you do, so maybe that's what that ?Kansas City? (working from memory) rub's supposed to be like, but the flavor caught me by surprise.

                                1. re: Icantread

                                  I liked the KC-style sweeties more but liked both very much.....My ribs weren't 'hammy'.....both tender and flavorful....The flavor rub was vibrant with the sweet undertone.....Every BBQ chef has their own 'take' on things and these ribs were fairly different from what I've eaten before...as far as the flavor profile is concerned....and the texture was spot-on....Folks need to keep in mind that what makes BBQ so difficult is that it's hard to produce consistently as EVERY piece of meat is different....even when you're buying from the same supplier....


                    2. I saw a whole pig being slung into the cavernous smoker last night - late night. Very cool. Can't wait for dinner there Sat. night.

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                        I tried it last night and what a let down. Room, which is nothing much to look at (just Sheba Ethiopian with some old fashioned country music posters and assorted affects) was packed, bar was packed, band was starting to play. We had the Q tasting plate---two kansas city, two baby back and 1/4 chicken. the entire plate was bland. had absolutely no taste. meat did not fall off the bone and was bland. with the exception of a mildly smoky taste on the outside, the rest had no taste at all. both baby backs and kansas style. sauces at the table--there were four of them--were thin and tasteless....and trust me, the food needed as much taste as possible. it all was just so very bland. the chicken was moist and had no taste of BBQ or anything for that matter! never have i left a bbq joint with cleaner hands (no need for any wet nap), cleaner teeth and absolutely and a cleaner palate. and $6 for sour cole slaw? $6 for cole slaw at all? come on! beer was nice and tasty at least. No French fries either. Corn bread was, you got it, bland. i'd maybe go back and try the pulled pork, brisket and the mini sliders , as they seem to be the bigger hits, but in the meantime, that didn't taste like BBQ at all. In fact, it didn't smell like BBQ either. Very strange. seemed like that smoker may be nothing more thans smoke and mirrors. Though we didnt see, taste or smell any evidence of smoke either. On the otherhand, service was seamless. Maybe the kitchen was overwhelmed because it was so slammed, but even still, to not have that BBQ taste or aftertaste doesn't jive with good BBQ. Hopefully they work the kinks out. I also noticed the room (which was much more charming and cozy ) attached to Q, called Fin. There were about six tables in there. Isn';t that also odd ,to have a separate fish restaurant attached to a BBQ restaurant? Maybe they could have used that space to add another pit instead ? Huh. Should be interesting but seems like Eismann is on the verge or has already spread himself a bit too thin.

                        1. re: HabaneroJane

                          Wow, HJ. I always trust your opinion. What a let down from what I experienced. I went at 6 p.m. on an "off night" and it was a delite. But if you can't produce under pressure you probably shouldn't be open yet.


                          1. re: LargeLife

                            A group of us went there on Thursday and while it wasn't horrible as HabaneroJane describes, we were underwhelmed. We tasted the brisket, the Kansas-style ribs, the spare ribs, the pulled pork and the smokey wings. The brisket was good flavor-wise, but was very fatty. In fact, two of the slices were inedible because they were mostly fat. The pulled pork was just okay. The spare ribs were our favorite and had the best flavor of anything we had. I had the same thought as HJ about the cole slaw. $6 seems a bit much for the side though mine actually tasted pretty good. I'll be back, though, to give it another try.

                            1. re: miachef

                              While our ribs were really good, we had the same opinion and impression of the brisket.

                            2. re: LargeLife

                              EMac---agreed! I hope they can get it together because the place has great potential.

                            3. re: HabaneroJane

                              I was also there for the first time (for a dinner, went to the opening party and had a beer) Friday night. My initial impressions, though not ideal, were pretty markedly different from HJ's and much more comparable to EMac's.

                              The place was packed and actually service was one of our primary disappointments. After taking our order and bringing a round of beers, we didn't see our server again - or any food - for more than 45 minutes. I finally had to flag him down and beg for at least some cornbread to tide the kids over until something else arrived. He did obligingly bring some (3 pieces for 4 people at the table?) and our food arrived shortly after. The delay was puzzling because bbq really shouldn't involve much a la minute cooking.

                              We managed to sample most varieties of barbecued meat products - spare ribs, baby backs, brisket and pulled pork. If you want "fall of the bone" ribs that are slathered with sticky sauce, that is not what they are doing here. These were tender but still meaty and to my taste fully redolent with smoky flavor (indeed, I was happily sniffing smoke on my fingers for hours afterwards, even after washing up). The spare ribs got nothing other than a dry rub which was a bit innocuous at that, the baby backs had more of a sweet tomato glaze which I could see being described as "hammy." I will say the rest of my family didn't appreciate the ribs as much as me, them being more in the fall-off-the-bone camp. Yes I think the rubs could use more zing, but if you got the same ribs I did, it'd be hard to imagine forming the impression that these didn't spend a good long time soaking up woodsmoke.

                              I liked the brisket and the pulled pork even more. The brisket was perfectly smoked and in a dark puddle of its own juice, and the ribbons of fat on it were just enough to keep it from seeming too dry. The pulled pork was probably the most spiced of any of the items, a bit watery, but loaded with deep spicy backnotes that seemed to build in intensity.

                              The sides - and we sampled several: cole slaw, cheese grits, collards, beans - were only OK. Collards and grits were pretty straight-ahead renditions. The beans seemed a bit undercooked and still too firm. I didn't get to try the cole slaw as Frod Jr. ate it all (how many kids like cole slaw that much?).

                              My comments on pricing above do need to be corrected. The online menu is not accurate, the pricing "on the ground" is $12 for a 1/2 rack and $24 for a full, and that comes with only cornbread and pickles, no other sides. Those prices would seem more reasonable if they included a side; plus they'd make more sense if there were at least SOME discount for ordering a full rack as compared to a 1/2 rack.

                              HJ, maybe you were there later than us and because they had such a crowd they were pulling stuff out of the smoker too early.

                              The Fin space is quite pretty in a Cape Cod kind of way. I wouldn't fret too much about whether or not it's "odd" to have a restaurant within a restaurant like that, and just see how the food is when they open it up.

                              1. re: Frodnesor

                                I don't necessarily like sticky, saucy ribs. I am pretty much a fan of anything with taste. These just had absolutely no taste. Same with the chicken. And those watery sauces were subpar. I want to like this place, I do! I will definitely return one more time to try the pork and brisket.

                                1. re: HabaneroJane

                                  Wow, $6 for slaw is absurd. I know a few places where they serve slaw for free while you wait for your food (Stephen's Deli in Hialeah does this in an awesome way and I dont even really like slaw). I aimed to try Q on Sunday night but opted against it after hearing a not-so-great review from my buddy who is from NC and found the BBQ very disappointing (he did say there was 1 item he tried that was good, I think it was the ribs). I'm not ready to dump boku bucks into BBQ, especially when I travel to places like GA, SC, TN, and NC and can get the real deal for a fraction of the cost at Q. Maybe someday though...

                                2. re: Frodnesor

                                  When I went, I think the ribs were about $9 and $18. I do agree you definitely tasted the smoke in mine as well.

                                  1. re: Frodnesor

                                    If you can still smell smoke on your hands and breath hours after eating BBQ, then this is how I like mine smoked. It seems there is some smoker quality control for them to work out from the differing posts.

                                    Dry rub with no pre-slathered sauce is another preference of mine. If you don't have a strong dry rub, then you need to offer some great sauces to accomodate them. Fall off the bone from a smoker is overcooked unless that is the desired characteristic. A bit of a pull from the bone is typically what is desired among Q enthusiasts.

                                    HabaneroJane - "I am pretty much a fan of anything with taste".
                                    I understand what you mean here when it comes to local BBQ.

                                    1. re: freakerdude

                                      Not a restaurant, but Mikek turned us on to James' Barbecue, a roadside stand on the NE 2nd Ave side of the Publix on around 54th and Biscayne. You didn't know bbq this good existed in Miami.

                                      1. re: Icantread

                                        He is still the best I have found down here and his sauce is really, really good. That was another complaint of mine with Q also. The mango based one tasted like a good hot sauce, but was way too runny for a bbq sauce. The mustard one I was not a fan of at all and the brown sugar one was entirely too sweet for me.

                                        He could not be friendlier either and often times will give you a short can of bud light (either 6 or 8 oz, can't remember) while waiting.

                              2. This new Barbeque restaurant just opened and I have been there 3 times - I just can't get enough of the spare ribs. They are like butter and have an amazing smoky flavor and color. They have a dry rub and then have been glazed.

                                The baby backs were also great, not as meaty but thats also the nature of baby backs. Again, a great smoky flavor and pink smoke ring.

                                The wings are some of the best I have ever had - not sure how they are made but were crispy and again smoky - a must try.

                                I thought I had good brisket in Kentucky but this beats it - soooo tender it melted in my mouth.

                                They have a real smoke house, a pit and an Aztec Grill - the real deal.

                                The slaw was very good as was the pickles.

                                All in all the best BBQ restaurant in Miami. A must.

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                                1. re: Jeffmiamichow

                                  How would all you BBQ mavens compare Q to BBQ Beach or Bulldog? I have eaten at BBQ Beach and was surprised--I liked it . But it was a long time ago so I can't compare to my more recent Q visit. Never been to Bulldog. Any comparisons or is the dude behind Publix the best in town? What about that Peoples' BBQ? Anyone been there?

                                  1. re: HabaneroJane

                                    It has been a long time since I've had BBQ Beach too, but when I did, it was real genuine 'cue. Great pulled pork, very good dry-rubbed ribs.

                                    I am underwhelmed by the actual "barbecue" items at Bulldog - which for the most part just aren't really real barbecue - but have grown increasingly fond of just about everything else on the menu. I like their turkey chili, their cornmeal crusted oyster app, like even more the shrimp & oyster po'boy, the shrimp n grits, and several of their sides esp. the burnt end beans and the cheese grits. I go there for a good meal - not really for true bbq. My kids like the lettuce wraps w pulled pork or chicken. Incidentally, Chef Howie seems to have actually warmed up some and was even "working the room" a bit when we were last there.

                                    I think it's a bit early to draw any conclusions on Q but I'd say their actual barbecue is much more serious than Bulldog, though right now not as good as what I've had at BBQ Beach. Their sides and the like are not as good as Bulldog's right now.

                                    The value at Bulldog may be better b/c they include one side with most 'cue items, and their portions are generally ginormous, being near Aventura and all, while their prices are generally in line with or lower than Q's.

                                    1. re: HabaneroJane

                                      I thought BBQ Beach was good not great. I think Q has the most potential to be a great BBQ joint, though I am not surprised by the number of people unhappy with their experience thus far. Agree with Frod on Bulldog. Loved everything but the bbq meat. Haven't been to People's in forever.

                                      1. re: HabaneroJane

                                        The best bbq I've had in the area has been from VII Sports Club, which isn't a restaurant, just a run-down takeout stand, with a mustard-based sauce.

                                        I've been to Bar-Be-Que Beach once and will not be going back. Not very good.

                                        I must be the only one on this board that doesn't like People's BBQ. BBQ not very good and service worse.

                                        The guy in the Publix parking lot up off Biscayne Blvd is one of the nicest folks you'll meet in Miami. And his bbq sauce is some of the worst you will ever taste IMO (a shame since the meat itself is halfway decent). But he always offers customers a taste first to be sure they like it before they buy. Really decent guy.

                                        Haven't been to Bulldog or Smoke't.

                                        Q's babyback ribs are pretty good. Tender and very pretty, almost dainty (never thought I'd say that about some ribs). They get an A for smokiness. However, I tend to prefer ribs (even babybacks) with more meat and more fat. Also, their sauces are just middling, as bbq sauces go. I have to agree with HabaneroJane about their chicken though - tasteless, and dry.

                                        So I'd say Q bbq is a lot better than BBQ Beach and People's, but not the best in the area.

                                        1. re: racer x

                                          I'm with you on People's. I'm not a fan. I've been twice, and both times I thought it was seedy with very low food quality. For example, on my last (and final) trip, the macaroni and cheese tasted like it was made with some sort of low-grade government cheese. The spare ribs I had were burnt with no flavor.

                                          I do like the people working behind the counter there though...friendly and pretty funny.

                                          1. re: racer x

                                            I didn't know where to post this, but Sun Life Stadium has some of the best pulled pork BBQ I have had here in Fla. They have a BBQ counter around section 151 and the sauce bottles said Everglades BBQ. BBQ pork was top notch with plenty of bark, a nice deep pink smoke ring, medium smoke flavor, and was very moist as they broke it apart. They unfoil and break down each butt right there in front of you on a hot serving plate.

                                            Pork sandwiches are $10 but hot dogs are $8 as a comparison. They have three sauces.....Carolina mustard, a regular smoke, and a citrus chipotle with some kick. I was extremely surprised when I saw the color of the smoked pork and knew instantly that it was cooked right.

                                            This was my first Braves/Marlins Saturday game and the bbq counter is never open during the Mon thru Thursday games. So if you are there during a weekend game, definitely check this place out. No ribs are offered but they do have smoked turkey legs.

                                            It's kind of weird that aside from the long closed Austin's of Hobe Sound, the next best pulled pork has been at the PB county county fair and at a football/baseball stadium.

                                              1. re: SaminSFL

                                                ESPN's "Outside The Lines" did a special on food safety at America's stadiums this past Sunday.....and it was very interesting to say the least.....Probably just best to stick with the nacho chips and nasty cheese.......


                                      2. Went again on Friday and got takeout. Brisket was really really fatty...was not happy. I hope they fix this and exercise a little more quality control.

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                                          At this point....I'm just hoping the folks that own Q see this board....and react!.....This place really has potential.....My first and only visit thus far was really, really good....and I'd hate to think think place doesn't make it....or live up to potential.....I liked BBQ Beach too.....I've eaten there three times and while NOT spectacular.....very, very decent.......Tex...I'd say check that brisket next time before you tote it home!.....Then again...you shouldn't have to......As we say in my business....and I'm sure it holds true in many, many others....."you only get one chance to make a first impression"......Hopefully things will settle in at Q.....I've been to "Smoke't" three times.....and all three trips there have been solid and consistent.....Ribs reasonably good....pulled pork tacos have tasty and fun to eat.....Can't say it's "real bbq" per se.....but it's clearly better than a Shorty's....or Sonny's......And it's a fun....and lively place.....So let's hold out hope for Q......


                                        2. Groupon has a deal going on right now...

                                          $15 for $35 Worth of Barbecue and Saucy Drinks at Q American Barbeque


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                                          1. re: CFByrne

                                            ....and Pauly's Picks on the 105.9 radio website has a deal as well.....$50 for a $100 gift certificate.....


                                          2. Went again recently. They've changed the menu. I don't like it. Now, instead of being able to buy 1/2lb and 1lb brisket a la carte, they only offer brisket served over a bed of mashed sweet potatoes smothered in some sort of syrup. It looks like it's a bit less than 1/2 lb...and so they've doubled the price.

                                            I won't be going back. I hear Bullbog BBQ has decent brisket...going to give that a try.

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                                            1. re: TexaninSoFL

                                              and to think, they are opening another , bigger Q on South Beach. but then again there's no accounting for good taste on SB. I'll try it when it opens there but in the meantime, BBQ Beach is better than Q in the DD.