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Feb 26, 2010 08:55 AM

Bermuda - Latin Restaurant update

Went last night to go check out the introduction dinner for Tomasz Tabor. He's the ex-chef at Seahorse Grill who's now over at Latin.

I have to say that the food was much better than I have had previously at Latin. I've never really meshed with the menu over there (except for the guacamole which is sooo good). So I was a little reluctant even though I thought he was a really great chef when he was over at Seahorse Grill (just hated the service there).

Overall, I can't say that I was thoroughly impressed by some of the flavour combinations that he presented. Truffle & lime on tuna sashimi (I thought it completely overwhelmed the tuna). But to each their own. Otherwise, the food was perfectly executed and the highlight was the duck breast which was absolutely divine.

Would I go back, probably just to see what he does with the rest of the menu and give it another chance. Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll shape up a bit more.

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  1. Thanks for the report bdachow - I keep hearing about that guacamole. Truffle on tuna? Ick. What made the duck divine?

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    1. re: Athena

      Aha, dug out the menu again to see what it was served with. White chocolate mole, ginger syrup and and dried fruit. The ginger syrup was what did it for me.

      The rest of the menu was as follows:
      Tiradito Trio - Wild salmon with lychee salsa (really nice but overwhelmed by red onion flavour); Bermuda swordfish with jalapeno and blood orange (overwhelmed by jalapeno) and Allison Tuna with truffle and lime (see above comment)
      Scallop "Cuban Sandwich" - served with cornbread, prosciutto, gruyere and hot chili mustard. The cornbread was too dry and crumbled everywhere and and hot chili mustard was reminiscent of sriracha and prepared mustard.
      Duck - see above
      Surf & Turf - lobster carimanola, braised elk short rib, huitlacoche and corn puree. Essentially a rather large lobster and cheese croquette and braised short rib. The short rib was very nice and but didn't like the giant croquette.
      Post dinner - spiced Marcona almonds, valdeon cheese and medjool dates. A nice little post dinner snack, loved the stinky cheese (but I love stinky cheese).
      Dessert - Mayan hot chocolate and coconut tres leches cake, I found the cake to be kind of chewy and dense, was it supposed to be? Perhaps but not up my alley.

      Am looking forward to giving it another shot before I rule it out of my to visit places.

      Oh as to the guacamole, if you do a nice home made one, it's about the same, there's just something about home made guacamole/freshly made guacamole that it just so nice...

      1. re: bdachow

        Thank you for taking the time to elaborate! Do you think the chef is trying too hard with some of those combinations?

        I wonder where they get their Marcona almonds - been looking for them - have to get friends to bring them from Canada.

        I do have an avocado tree, though I rarely make guacamole - it's just too tempting!

        1. re: Athena

          Quite possibly, trying too hard to make a splash. Like I've said before, his food at Seahorse was always really quite good and the flavour combinations were interesting and worked well together. This time...not so much. Oh well...