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Feb 26, 2010 08:30 AM

needing ideas for a classy girlie party i'm hosting next weekend!!!!!

I am hosting my first "girlie party" at my house next weekend, and am trying to figure out what to have for appetizers. this as well is the first time some of my friends will be coming to my new place. I am wanting to have things that are yummy elegant and kind of sexy( to kind of go with the party), but also not too hard to prepare due to being EXTREMLY busy. I am asking everyone to bring a bottle of wine. If i could have a few idea sent my way that would be fantastic! I am very excited, but over whelmed from everything i have been looking at. I was trying to stick with a theme for the food..(was looking at French but kind of confused).
Thanks a million!!!!

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  1. I'll start things off. I'm sure you'll get a lot of savory ideas, but I always think it's nice to have someone sweet to serve, even if it's a cocktails and appetizers party. I love these chocolate grapes. They're ridiculously easy to make (just save time for them to dry and chill thoroughly before drizzling the chocolate) and no one expects them. They're wonderful.

    1. I do a lot of entertaining like this. You can't go wrong with shrimp, along with a few different sauces/dips. Also, I saw a recipe for a goat cheese and walnut spread served on endive that I might try soon. Everyone loves artichoke dip. Regarding BUSY: If you're near a Trader Joe's, they have a wide variety of pretty good cheese at great prices. I also love their mushroom turnovers in the freezer section. I also have access to an Asian market that sells pot stickers and a wide variety of dumplings in their freezer. I keep a few boxes on hand for last minute entertaining. Serve with some kind of soy sauce for dipping. Something chocolate would be appropriate. Chocolate covered strawberries?

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          Oh - I second the fondue thought. Another one, if you can find it - is to have a table grill handy (on the order of a fondue pot - but more for individual grilling - mine is older so it has 6 individual sections). You may not find one now, but one of these are fun for the next time. My girlfriends and I sit around the table and "dish" while having fun eating. You can prepare everything ahead of time and just put out dishes of raw meat/veggies/etc., with condiments on the side. It is a really fun way to enjoy the food, the company, the wine and everyone can "season" to taste, and only cook the meat/veggies they like (and you don't have to do all the cooking).

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            Is this similar to a raclette boyzoma?

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              Yes it is. You could use that as well. It is really fun.

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            *I actually just saw this article earlier today when I was looking for something else... it might help you with your brainstorming.


            Because you are the hostess, you probably would like an entree you can make ahead so you have more time with your guests. Search on for the Zuni Porchetta or Coq au Vin or Chicken Marbella. Those are savory and mouthwatering entrees that you can (a) make in advance and (b) the quantity is enough so that it can be easily multiplied for as many guests as you are having. (here is link for marbella:

            If you want to go with a French theme, then I would definitely say go for Coq au Vin!

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              While hubby goes off with the guys to shoot pool, etc. my girlfriends and I get together pretty much every Friday night for a whine/wine down. There are 4 of us in the core with another 5-8 girls that are invited on a regular basis. We take turns in each of our houses. Sometimes we have a ful dinner, and sometimes we order in, or feast on a bunch of appetizer types goodies.

              Here are some of our more popular choices julesmarie.

              Hot Artichoke pie - very yummy
              selection of cheeses and pate
              Shrimp and avacado salad on endive
              charcoutierre platter
              chicken satays
              warm nuts
              suishi - always a winner
              tuna tartare on crostini
              sweet potato fries with sour cream dip
              spring rolls

              Let us know how it goes and have a great time!