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Feb 26, 2010 08:09 AM

Good but inexpensive restaurants near Dulles airport

I will be flying out of Dulles next Friday night I will have several hours to kill and I'm looking for a good but resaonably priced place for dinner near the airport before I drop off my rental car. I am open to Chinese, Sushi, Thai, Italian, Mexican, a great burger, whatever. Not really looking at fine dining.

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  1. With that much time you can cover a huge area filled with moderately priced eateries. Any favorite cuisines in particular?

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    1. re: Bob W

      not wanting to do too much driving as I will be arriving in the airport area around 5-530PM. Asian, Italian top choices.

      1. re: countgrog

        Some good Thai spots close by -- Thai Luang in Herndon. Sila Thai and Thai Basil in Chantilly. Grand Thai in South Riding (has very good sushi too). And Thai Palace near the Costco, also in Chantilly.

        Rangoli is very good Indian in South Riding.

        Sichuan Village in Chantilly -- avoid the buffet, order off the real menu.

        Nothing special as far as Italian goes around here. There are some good "pan-Mediterranean" places like Sorrento Grill in Ashburn. There are a whole bunch of other places in Ashburn, many Asian, that I haven't tried yet.

        The Bungalow in Chantilly has very good bar food -- the weekend rib and prime rib specials are great deals. Very good fried pickles!

        You'll have to drive a few miles to get to these places; there's really nothing right at the airport. You might run into some traffic given the time slot, so be forewarned.

        1. re: Bob W

          To add to the Thai list, Tarin Thai is not far off the toll road (to the North) and is at the second-to-last exit before the airport (Elden Street).

          Masala Wok is also at that exit, which does Sino-Indian fare.

          Grill Kabob opened next door recently and they do a nice kabob, and have good chickpeas and spinach (get one side and ask they give you half of each). Also get their chutney - especially if you like spicy.

          1. re: Dennis S

            What happened to Tarin Thai in Herndon??

            I am (was) a big fan of Tarin Thai, appreciating the friendly service, good variety and high quality food (including the lunch buffet).

            However, when I took a friend there last week - I was dissaponted to see that the location was under New Management - and was renamed THAI TADA!

            Same decor - no buffet - different menu.

            In the Thai food mood and hopeful - we ordered some favorites - and were woefully dissapointed - mediocre at best - bland and lifeless - with none of the spicy spark I knew and loved.

            I am hoping - begging that Tarin Thai has relocated to a better location (closer to my home or office).

            Does anyone have any information???

            1. re: Timechef

              I don't know but that's bad info. I was expecting to get take-out tomorrow.

              Only about a month ago I ordered delivery. The execution on it was poor and I had to be on the phone with the girl for a while, but she found our place and we recognized each other (I usually carry out). Food was as good as ever but the delivery experience was - odd. I'll try going by soon to see if I can find something out.

    2. Il Fornaio is good, and well-priced. Very good service, and nice bar to sit at if you don't like dining alone at a table.