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Feb 26, 2010 07:44 AM

deflated cake??!

So I'm making a scratch choc cake (CI layer cake) for my daughter's first bday and it cooked up nicely (a 9" pan w/ flower nail in the center), but then deflated once I took it out of the oven! Not the center....just sort of shrunk down everywhere. I made a 6" layer, using the same batter that had been sitting out while waiting for the 9" to cook even, and it rose beautifully and stayed that I know it's not the batter. I also have an oven thermometer, so I know the temp was correct for both. I did use a springform pan and bake even strips for the 9" I need to ditch the strips and buy a different pan? Please help ASAP...I have to make the next layer by tonight! TIA!

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  1. Most likely it just wasn't baked long enough. It had risen but the structure hadn't set. Just bake it a little longer next time.

    1. Too much leavening can also make a cake deflate sometimes. Is the leavening high for the recipe?

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        I wondered about that, too. Also, if there was too much liquid in the recipe. But, since the 6 inch layer didn't deflate, I thought it must be underbaking. Hard to say without seeing the recipe.

      2. I wonder if the leavening deteriorated while the batter was sitting out. That seems to be the main difference between the layers.

        1. Thanks for the responses everyone! I made my 2nd batch and left off the stupid bake even strips....worked perfectly! The strips will be making their way to the trash shortly.......