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Feb 26, 2010 07:42 AM

Quick Casual Dinner in Burlington

My Mom is in the Hospital up there and I'm visiting her this afternoon. I'm sneaking out for a quick dinner when my sister takes over. I'd like something relatively quick, tasty and reasonably priced.

The usual suspects (L'Amante, Trattoria Delia, Single Pebble) are just too formal and with Mom in the Hospital I'm not in the mood for a real upscale dinner with my wife but I can't help but want to get something better than the cafeteria at Fletcher Allen.

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  1. The Scuffer (Church Street) or The Rotisserie (Williston Road, heading East from the hospital about 3 miles). Both have basic menus with good food at reasonable prices. Chicken parm at Rotisserie could feed 2 for $13 and includes soup/salad.

    1. Actually, the cafe at Fletcher Allen is, by last reports, really great. They're offering local products, and they're growing some of their own stuff. They've got deals with local providers for various things like meats and veg. And they've worked hard on creating a healthy and tasty menu. :) Give 'em a go and report back so we know! :)

      1. Thankfully, Mom is home. We did end up at A Single Pebble. Very good overall. The red oil veggie dumplings were only fair, but the Five Flavor Chicken and the Sichaun Pork were great. The broccoli with garlic and cashew was very good as well.

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          Thanks for reporting back, and glad your Mom is home! :)