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Feb 26, 2010 07:40 AM

Help - what to do with pork shoulder ribs?

I am a member of a meat CSA and my last batch came with about 2 pounds of pork shoulder ribs that I have no idea what to do with. I don't have a grill, but am happy to do what it takes to make them come out great. Are they good for braising in a dutch oven for like 5 hours? Or should i do a dry rub and roast them and make a sauce for them? I LOVE ribs so I am excited to try my hand at preparing them but am a little apprehensive to attempt BBQ. I can't seem to find recipes when searching for "pork shoulder ribs" so links to tried and true recipes would be great. Thanks!

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  1. I usually put a dry rub on the ribs, wrap in a couple layers of foil & roast in the oven low & slow. (Make sure you put them on a sheet pan in case the foil leaks) After they are fall apart tender, I'll open the foil, make a little nest with it & brush them with BBQ sauce, broil, flip & repeat a couple of times. Sometimes, we don't bother with sauce. Just depends on the day. You can use whatever seasonings you like for the rub. You can make your own bbq sauce or use premade stuff.

    Another thing you can do is braise them like you would a pok shoulder roast. You can any types of flavors. A couple of my favorites is a cuban mojo or an apple sage. Toss is some veggies & you have a one pot meal.

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      how low and how slow would you say? and you don't add any liquid in the foil or anything?

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        Typically I'll do 300 degrees F for 4-5 hours. If I'm pressed for time I'll go up to 350 degrees & start checking in 3 hours or so.
        No I don't add any liquid. The ribs wil release some juices as they roast & kind of steam inside the foil. Sometimes the foil will puff up, so be super careful when opening it. I do spray the foil with Pam before I add the ribs or use Reynolds Quick Release Foil.

    2. Look for recipes for "country style ribs" or "country ribs". These are great done lots of ways, low and slow as the previous poster suggests, but you can use lots of different flavor combinations. I think the last time I made them I put them in the slow cooker with pineapple chunks, soy sauce and garlic. They're great with saurkraut mixed with apples and onion, or roasted slowly (covered then uncovered) over sliced onion and potatoes).

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        yummmm. thanks everyone. I'm definitely going to go the wrapped-in-foil route. maybe i'll serve it on a bun and try to make some carolina bbq sauce. can't wait!

      2. We get country style ribs from our meat CSA a lot. My favorite uses of country style ribs:
        This one you can actually do the pork in a crockpot and just cut down the amount of chicken broth. Very easy and very good.