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Feb 26, 2010 06:59 AM

What could I do with a london broil tonight?

Bought it yesterday thinking we'd actually be able to see the seems to have disappeared under the mountain of snow....
What can I do with this lovely piece of meat? Sear and bake? Stew? I have no broiling though - the broiler smells funny when I use it...
Open to most anything as long as I have the ingredients! I am running low on onion, other than that have a lot it would seem...

thank you!

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  1. If you have a grill pan, thinly slice the meat and cook it to your liking for steak salad, or do steak sandwiches.

    1. i think it's best rare or med rare. grill pan or griddle. french dip sandwiches. or sliced thin with horseradish sauce, twice-baked potatoes and a green veg. again sliced thin and served with tortillas and pinto beans, lettuce, chopped onion and salsa (build 'em yourself tacos)

      1. Depending on how big it is, prepare the same as you would for BBQ, but broil about 5-8 minutes per side. Let rest then slice thin as vafarmwife said. I did one last week and used the leftovers for steak fajitas later in the week.

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            Thanks everyone - he wound up just bbq'ing it...but will definitely keep the fajita idea for the next time it's raining and we don't want to go outside! Thanks

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              I like to make steak pizzaioli with London Broil too.

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                And how does a clueless person like me do this? I don't this I've ever eaten or made that, but it sounds good! :)

                1. re: lovessushi

                  It's a cross of pesto, aiola and red sauce: my husband used to talk about his grandmother's: somehow on the first try, he claimed this was it. Don't even know how authentic it is, but is tastes good.


                  3 cloves garlic
                  1 cup fresh parsley and basil, also some lemon verbena in the summer when I grow it
                  1/2 small bottle anchovies
                  olive oil
                  hot red pepper flakes
                  black and green pitted olives

                  Make a paste/pesto with above in food processor.

                  I like to marinade my cheaper steaks (like London Broil) with white wine and Adolfs meat tenderizer for a few hours.

                  Dredge with Wondra flour and brown in butter/olive oil, also add 10z sliced mushrooms at some point. Remove all.

                  Deglaze pan with 1 cup white wine.

                  Add to pan 1 small can of tomato sauce, a spoonful of beef base if you have, and 2 tsp oregano.

                  Put meat and mushrooms back on top of tomato base, and the premade puree on top of that.

                  Cover and simmer slowly for about an hour.

                  Slice steak on a diagonal and serve with cappellini (husband like the pasta and meat served separately).

                  I also sometimes make with thinner beef, like flatiron or thin sirloin, and cook only 20 minutes. Or with bone in beef, then I cook about 2 hours (probably better done in the oven.)