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Feb 26, 2010 06:56 AM

Best Tartare Frites in Montreal

Have a friend from NYC coming to Montreal and he is keen on a really great Steak Tartare. My old reliable fall backs are L'Express and Le Continental . Anything new out there that is truly wonderful ?

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  1. last time i went to au pied du cochon, my friend had a bison steak tartare of which i had some and he said it was the best he's ever had. i thought it was equally great, but that was the first time i had steak tartare.

    1. There is a Tartare Bar on Prince Arthur just west of St. Laurent. Anyone tried this place?

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          Marche 27 - it's pretty good. They let you pick your meat and your seasoning. Some combos are better than others. They usually have beef, tuna, duck, salmon and sometimes bison. I love their fries.

        2. I really enjoyed the beef tartare at Lemeac. It is quite relevé (spicy), in a good way. Plus, it is available with the after-10pm special, which makes it a great deal.

          1. I'm rarely disappointed by Brasserie Holder in old montreal. The room is handsome, the service competent, both the tartare and the frites are good, and the prices are reasonable.

            1. Au Pied De Cochon is really wonderful. I agree about Holder Restaurant -> never dissappointed and I went to Tapeo last weekend and it was phenomenal. Boom!