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Feb 26, 2010 06:35 AM

Restaurants in Key West

Hi, I will be staying in Key West for a week with my GF, end of May. I'm looking for some hint on restaurants for dinner. We like seafood and latin american food too, nice and cozy places, not too crowded or noisy; a nice view or terrace would be a plus.
Thank u :-)

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  1. We just returned from a week of so-so weather in Key West. For what it's worth, from our short experience and talking with local foodies, the two best restaurants in town are Cafe Marquesa and Pisces--both in the $$$ range but worth it. We had great breakfasts at Pepes Cafe, classic Italian dinners at Antonia's, and good Cuban pulled pork and beef at El Meson del Pepe.

    1. You would love the A & B Lobster House. Go for Happy Hour and sit on the deck and indulge in the apps. Try the La Te Da on prime rib night (Wed or Thurs). Seven Fish is also excellent but make a reservation. El Siboney is probably the best known Cuban restaurant and Sarabeth's has great American Food.

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        Pisces is great and very romantic and cozy. Seven Fish is delish! but do make a reservation a couple of days in advance. A&B is also really, really good but they are only open for dinner and do not do happy hour. They have a beautiful wrap around balcony that overlooks the water so make a reservation and ask for that section. The 1st floor restaurant in that building is called Alonzo's Oyster Bar and they are open for lunch and dinner and do a great happy hour but get there early because is can fill up. Santiagos Bodega is a wonderful Tapas restaurant but its very small and very popular so once again make reservations a couple days in advance. El Siboney is about authentic as you are going to get for Cuban.

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          I always get the two different restaurants in the building labeled A & B mixed up so thanks for clarifying it for the OP. The first floor is the one we always go to for lunch or Happy Hour. Love the1/2 price oyster specials and mojito.

      2. Louie's Backyard
        Blue Heaven

        1. my vote is also for Seven Fish. I loved it!

          For dessert you should go for some key lime pie down at the blonde giraffe keylime pie factory.

          1. Thank you so far. Any review on Point 5 (upstairs 915)? the upper deck at Louie's backyard? Rooftop cafè? we might be looking for some place like that too, a cozy wine bar or lounge when we can have a drink and also get something to eat...

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              We were at Point 5 and loved it but it gets crowded. Say hi to Trish, the bartender.