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Feb 26, 2010 05:57 AM

New Chilean in Webber Street - El Vergel [London]

Went to El Vergel for lunch yesterday - modern layout along the lines of wagamamma .
Benches and sunny - nice looking healthy menu - tried the tacos with chicken - not much spicing or fresh herbs - missing chilli heat - but good fresh ingredients and my friends enjoyed their churascos(?) chilean bread with steak and cheese filling.
Will try again and test their empanadas as it has potential and want to try their breakfast which includes chorizo - will report back.

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  1. Thanks for the report and looking forward to the next one on breadfast!

    I assume this is the new location of the former El Vergel on Lant Street? The sandwich with the round Chiliean bread sounds like chacarero to me. Any avocado and green beans in it?

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      tried breakfast and very nice if a bit bland - kidney beans was main bean content - Chorizo tasted like brindisas which was the highight of the plate - the scrambled eggs were strange : tinted a bit red so I though they would be spiced - they weren't . I do think they are trying to cater for english tastes too much and all the salt needs to be added.
      Nice round bread and good price for breakfast with tea included.
      Limster ; chacarero that's the word i was looking for and yes with avocado and salsa or cheese.
      Will persist in trying again because its a lovely sunny space for lounging with papers and the service is lovely.