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Feb 26, 2010 05:55 AM

Planning DIY-catered wedding 150-200 people need advice

Have read some great tips on these boards and need some help with my self-catered wedding reception: outside in late May/ June. Planning a buffet/ passed appetizer type meal as follows: with about 4-6 apps planned per person
crudite platter w/ dips; antipasto platter w/ meats, chz, and marinated veg.
platter w/ gougeres, chz wafers (kind of cracker-cookies) and chz. "truffles w/ crackers, sun-dried tomato and pesto palmiers, puff pastry rounds (tarts) w/ tapenade and carmelized onions
bruschetta platter w/ tomato, white bean spread
Passed app:
chive "blini" with smoked salmon
"swedish" meatballs on picks
phyllo cups w/ blue chz, bacon, scallions
later, buffet w/ caesar salad and veggie slaw, french onion soup w/ parm croutons
"dinner" served fam. style: chicken and beef on skewers, grain pilaf
dessert large buffet including petits fours, cookies, tarts, etc.

That was long, sorry. Basically need to know if this sounds okay, too much or not enough, also for the chix and beef- will it be okay to make these ahead (poach chx and cook beef rare) and skewer ahead of time and grill fast to heat day of? I will have 2 servers/ 1 cook helpers -hired. Thanks so much.

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  1. I'd try and find out if there are any vegetarians or vegans.
    If there are vegetarians, their current meal will be a few apps, veggie slaw, rice, and desert. I'd bet vegetable skewers would work in seemlessly.

    1. I think the apps sound great! For the main, I don't think of skewers as really a family-style type of food. I would suggest more of a stew or something with a sauce. I also don't think French Onion Soup is great for this - those are usually served in single serve crocks with cheese melted over the top. If you want to do a soup, I would do a chilled potato leek in shot glasses with the appetizers. That's a nice spring flavor with some chives and maybe even dill....

      I would go for platters of grilled chicken pieces with a pan-style lemon garlic sauce over the top, a platter of grilled beef sliced thin with horseradish cream or a red wine reduction on the side, and a platter of grilled veggies with balsamic vinaigrette over the top. Then do smaller side bowls of the grain pilaf and salad you describe which sound great, and include a basket of artisan breads. Your desserts sound great, but keep in mind it may be hot, so nothing with buttercream or other thing that might get melty. Congrats on the wedding and good luck!!

      1. I like the idea of your french onions soup; it does not have to have melted cheese over the top.

        My advice on the main (skewers) is to skewer only ahead of time, don't precook because your chicken will have a tendency to dry out and the beef will be over cooked.
        You can thread the skewers a few weeks ahead and it can be frozen and thawed a day or two before the event. You do need a sauce or au jus for the meat so that it doesn't dry out. Other than my suggestions, everything else sounds great!

        1. If you are very lucky, then you'll get a reply from kchurchill5. She is very helpful. You might want to look up some of her posts on this board.

          1. I'd agree that for outdoors, ditch the soup. That requires yet another utensil. Also, the appetizer list is somewhat overwhelming. The goal is to make sure you can make enough ahead of time as possible because even assembling and replenishing will be a lot for your staff. I'd do a bit or arranging. Here's my adjustments.

            Buffet: crudite platter with dips, antipasto platter with meats and olives, platter with with chz turffles and crackers, palmiers
            Passed apps: puff pastry rounds, bruschetta, blini
            Buffet: caesar salad, veggie slaw, marinated veggies, grain pilaf, chicken and beef skewers, vegetable skewers,
            Dessert: just stay away from cakes and frosted things because they can "sweat" at room temp.