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Feb 26, 2010 05:31 AM

Cooktop vs Range including oven 48" vs 60"

We are doing a complete demolition to our kitchen (tearing out walls etc..) so all options are on the table.

From researching I have decided the Blue Star will be the best for the way we cook.

Problem is that I live in rural NM and not sure if I can get serviced out here. I can drive to get the actual appliances.

My question is should we go with a cook top on its own and a wall oven or a traditional stove oven combined.

I could see the advantages of a wall oven. However, expense is ALWAYS an issue and the additional cabinetry and logistics may make it much more of an expense.

Is it worth having a wall oven.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have the 60" thermidor gas rangetop with the built in wok. I have four drawers underneath the rangetop for pot/pan storage. That is very useful. With the gas cooktop I was able to get wall mounted electric ovens. They are not as deep as an oven in a range but it's only been a problem once (take home pizza from Costco). As we were redoing the kitchen we found a book "Kitchens for cooks" I have bought several on for very little money and it really made the layout of the kitchen much more efficient. The wet/dry/hot/cold zones they use is worth the book price. Have fun.

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    1. re: goatgolfer

      Thanks. Space will not be an issue. I think we are going with the Bluestar 48" and 24" griddle.

      Next question would we is a 48" Ventahood with about 900 cfm or is larger a better way to go with 1200 cfm?

      1. re: NMpaul

        I have the 1200cfm and it is variable. at full volume you have to open a window in the kitchen or it sucks the AC/heat out of the house. They are loud by the way. Unlike restaurant exhaust with the fan on the roof the thing is at ear level.

    2. I have a Bluestar 48 with an electric Dacor wall oven/microwave and another under counter Dacor oven, great set-up. The Bluestar is pretty basic, which is a good thing, I've heard igniters can be an issue, but never had a problem with mine.