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Feb 25, 2010 10:00 PM

Tipping for take out

Do you guys tip when you do take-out? If you do how much will you tip?

My wife and I can't agree on how much to tip for take-out.

I'll tip a full 15% because although I'm not sitting down for a full meal, I feel servers still need to pack my food properly, get my order faster and I think they are doing a lot of the same work as if I was sitting in the restaurant..

My wife disagrees and will usually tip a couple of bucks because she feels we are only picking up our food.

Just curious what Calgary chowhounders do.

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  1. I'm not from Calgary so perhaps there is a cultural difference here, but I do not tip at all for take out. My thoughts on this are that it is very similar to going to a super market and buying food. I do not tip the cashier when I buy my own food and I generally wait for the cashier/bag person to bag my groceries as well. I think this is pretty similar to taking out from a restaurant - while I appreciate them getting my food order correct and putting it into a bag properly, I do not believe this is a service which requires tipping. If they do a really great job or you a regular, then maybe a few bucks here and there.

      1. This is a pretty hot topic with lots of opinions. Here are a couple of recent threads that might be of interest to read through.

        1. I agree with cseto3 and don't tip for take out. I used to work as a cashier at a restaurant and I know what a pain take out orders can be. The waitresses used to resent doing them so much that the hostess I worked with just did the take outs if possible just so she wouldn't have to listen to the complaining. So I do have some understanding, but I also know no job is perfect.

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            This subject has been beaten to death here but your take is unique. You KNOW what a pain these orders can be for staff and yet you DON'T tip anything. I'm really curious how you rationalize that given you seem to have MORE than 'some' understanding.

            Maybe the complaining was because people didn't tip?

            1. re: Midlife

              Yes that was it. No maybe about it. As the cashier I sometimes had to get involved if the hostess was busy. I remember waiting for the bartender to fill up a take out cup of coke when she was busy while worrying that people might be waiting to pay at my register. The bar was in an adjacent room. I've been thinking that it is likely that more people are getting stuff to go and eating in the comfort of their own homes these days so this issue probably comes up even more now.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                Am I wrong in thinking you are defending not tipping, in spite of all you know? I don't really get how you can do that?

          2. I always leave five dollars. It usually costs about 50.