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Feb 25, 2010 08:41 PM

Kallaloo - refuge in the storm

Kallaloo, in Columbia City, has become a favorite rufuge, on those nights when sustinance is in order, and timely. Despie knowing nothing of the menu, we delight in the advice of servers, which has brought us back again.
Tonight, as usual, we ordered the STUFFED PLANTAIN. The "plantain" part was clear enough, but the "stuffed" eludes. We imagine this must have been a reference to the same, paltry, meatishness of the "Jamican Patty," which amounted to nothing, in the end. All that castigation aside, the STUFFED PLANTAIN is a great dish. Better still, and maybe best of all, was the DARK AND STORMY. We've met this before, and found it grand, but this is a whole new dimension. Kal infuses his own Ginger Beer, and this produces the knockout DARK AND STORMY of all time.
Dude, you gotta taste this...

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  1. The word Kallaloo takes me back to a classic Cosby episode. Oh, to be a kid in the eighties again. Thinking about heading down to CC on Link for some food and drink tomorrow evening. Will report back if we stop here. Thanks for the heads up.

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      The jerked Steelhead was perfection and the Fried plantains recalled lunches shared with my Biafran co-worker in the Arboretum.
      The dessert menu looks good, but Full Tilt Ice Cream is just 2 blocks away.

      1. re: eight_inch_pestle

        Me, too! I love Kallaloo...the curry crab is excellent and very messy. My fav is the Christophene au gratin (cheesy, oniony squash).

      2. We went to Kallaloo for the first time tonight. Had passed it many times on the way to Geraldines or the Bakery but never went. Read this and couldn't get a dark & stormy out of my head so we had to go. The dark & stormy was exceptional! Ditto the pepper pot - I'm a sucker for oxtail and this was superb - and I was delighted the fried plantains were platanos maduros, not tostones or chips. Bread pudding was superfluous.

        Will be back.

        1. Hate to be "that" guy, but we really didn't enjoy it. Had the stuffed plantains, the pepper pot, and some sort of lasagna-like casserole that reminded us of something out of a 1960s community cookbook from rural Kansas. Everything was too sweet and under-seasoned. I almost never add salt to a dish at a restaurant, but liberally sprinkled it on everything I ate last night. And let's just say the too-bright room with Ikea tables and corporate-office carpet doesn't exactly inspire Saturday evening romance. As with many eateries in Seattle, the biggest problem for me was the price. I could have dealt with all the above at $8-$12, but not at $13-$16. That said, the Dark and Stormy was delicious, and it turns out the jerked steelhead is a once-a-month special. Will give another shot when that's on the menu. And we had a very nice time at Lottie's beforehand.

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          1. re: eight_inch_pestle

            Thank you, pestle, for your observations.
            The menu is spotty, to be sure, but on those rare occasions our business takes us to Columbia City, we enjoy exploration of the novelties here. Been too long since I had fried plantain.
            Glad you got to try the Dark and Stormy - it seems the bar menu is a little spotty, too, but what a tasty drink that one is.

            1. re: mrnelso

              Would definitely agree that some menu items are pedestrian and unimpressive. I like the curry crab with dumplings, the pepper pot, and all the vegetable sides, esp. the kallaloo. I always get the housemade rum punch; try asking for lemon hart or another strong rum instead of the default. Will probably get a dark and stormy next time. The guy keeps telling us he has shark-n-bake once in a while, but I've never seen it.