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Feb 25, 2010 08:30 PM

Help me narrow down restaurant choices for 3 nights in Miami

NY Foodies spending 3 nights in Miami. Staying at the W, we will have a car so not restricted to South Beach. Have a reservation at Michael's, which I've been dying to try. Went 2 yrs ago to Michy's and LOVED it, can't decide whether to go back there or try Sra. Martinez instead? and for the 3rd night would you recommend Talula, Area 31, Pacific Time??? or somewhere else that really stands out for the food??? we don't want to go to any restaurants that we can go to in NY (like Scarpetta, Nobu, etc..) Just went to Hakassan in London so can skip that too. Your advice is much appreciated!!

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  1. Michy's menu has changed since you last went, I went recently and service was great and food was great as well. But it's really up to you which you want.

    For your 3rd, I would say go for Talula.

    I've also heard good things about Meat Market as well but have not been. NAOE is supposed to be superb, but there's Yasuda and others like it in NYC.

    1. If you've done Michy's I would probably try Sra. Martinez if just for a change of pace - though Michy's menu does get updated, it's never a complete overhaul, and you'll see something completely new at Sra. M. Both are very good.

      As between Talula, Area 31 and PT, it depends in part on what you like to eat. Right now my first choice might be Talula, but it depends on what I'm looking for. There's lots of good stuff on their new tapas menu (including a strong focus on in-house charcuterie and offal), and I love their pastas, any risotto of the day, and very nice steaks. Area 31 focuses on fish & seafood, esp. regional products. PT is more of a small plates type place now, though not exclusively so. I'd look at the online menus and see what grabs you.

      Naoe is really quite exceptional but a bit out of the way and a time commitment.

      1. you should consider solea as well especially against sra martinez because it is right in your hotel - and it is great

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          Talula all the way.
          Try Sugarcane in Midtown too for something different for a change.

        2. You've picked out quite a few good choices so bookmark them and let the people and events of the hours preceeding dictate the final choice :)

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            I think that we will go to Michael's, either Sra. or Michy's depending upon our mood and then Talula.

            I can always count on fellow chowhounders for great advice!!

            and Dagny, you make a good point ... always good to go with the flow of the moment!