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Feb 25, 2010 06:39 PM

Philly Chinatown Dim Sum

Yeah, I know there are 8,000,000 answers to this question, But what do poeple think is good now? Me and about 10-11 buds are planning a road trip to Chinatown for Dim Sum. Lunch.

I read that Ocean Harbor is the 2009 Philly Best for Dim Sum but I have also read bad stuff on the service.

So - Chinatown - lunch-time - 12 guys - Dim Sum. Where to go?

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  1. my gf and her family - all from Hong Kong - usually go with Ocean Harbor. They like it, don't love it. But their standards are pretty high.
    for them, it's a weekend thing, esp. Sunday -not sure what the dim sum options are during the week.

    1. Ocean Harbor is my pick for Hong Kong style grub but I'm pretty sure Dim Sum is only swerved on Sundays there. If you guys are really itching for Chinese finger foods, you can check out Dim Sum Garden, though they cater more to the Shanghai style Dim Sum.

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        Where is Dim Sum Garden? We are not locals. We are really Dim Sum rookies. We could use advice.

        Any webpage links?

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          I have been to Ocean Harbor Saturday as well as Monday for Dim Sum.

        2. FYI - On the SJ side, Joe's Peking Duck House in Marlton on Route 73 in the Shopping Center behind Champs, does serve a good Dim Sum (not in carts) on the weekends for lunch. Hope that helps you if you are on this side of the river - enjoy!

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            This may be a good alternate - again - any web link? Reviews? We may be a bit older - be we are not less savvy. We want links and input if available.

          2. We love Joy Tsin Lau the best! We've tried Ocean Harbor a couple of times, but didn't find the incredible selection they have at Joy Tsin Lau. And they serve Dim Sum during the work week too. Just be sure to get there before 1 pm on weekdays - the start shutting down a little after that. And if you like sesam balls, grab them as soon as you see them - they always run out!

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              Any web link I can show my buddies or something....

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                  What info would you like to glean from a web link???

              1. We like Ocean City for Dim Sum, Hk Golden Phoenix has been good, too. Many people like Joy Tsin Lau. We got poor service years ago at Ocean Harbor and never returned.
                I happen to love Dim Sum Garden but it is not a good place for 10 buddies to make a special road trip. The food is transcendent and definitely worth a road trip but it is a tiny hole in the wall next to the Greyhound bus station with zero atmosphere. You should go to a nice place that brings the carts around and can easily accommodate a table of 10.

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                  Hey, same thing here. Nothing against Joy Tsin Lau foods, but the service is subpar. I got poor service three times, so I know it is not a one-time incident.