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Feb 25, 2010 06:04 PM

Tidewater Hounds Finally Meet !

Tonight, the initial meeting of the Tidewater Hounds took place at Razzo in Ocean View. The dinners were awesome, and some of us had appetizers as well. Attended by Julia, Jason, Kristin, Pierre, Bobbie, and Jack it was a smashing success. We shared the common interests of food, travel, fishing, (for more food) automobiles, Civil War reinactments, cooking, (food of course) guitar, crafts, and did I mention that we all really like food. It was like a meeting of friends that had never met before, and I hope it will continue.

We are thinking about going to the C & H Oyster Bar in Elizabeth City, NC for our March outing as they will be closing soon for the Spring and Summer months. Other possible outings are a picnic in June at the Chesapeake campus of TCC for the Shakespeare play, and a summer cook out. Any other foodies in the Hampton Roads area that want to meet with us please reply to this post with your e-mail address, and we'll contact you.

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  1. I had so much fun, can't wait until next month!! :)

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    1. re: krisrishere

      Please email me at so I can be added onto your list for next month's jaunt. I live in Elizabeth City

    2. Ok. So a clever name for our group has been suggested: the "Tidewater Taste Buds." What do you think?

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      1. re: foodjack

        Hi, finally got a chance to get online, had a blast and whatever name we choose is fine with me :-) Can't wait till we meet again, JnJ