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Feb 25, 2010 06:02 PM

Wedding Cake - 35-40 people

Just looking for some advice on how big the cake should be for 35-40 people. This is the second wedding cake I've made so still fairly new to the logistics of layer sizes and the best combinations for aesthetics too. I've looked at various websites and when the cake is for a smaller wedding they seem to call for having two tiers - 10" and 6" but the bride was wondering if it could be three tiers. I don't want the cake to look out of proportion but if the cake were three tiers what would be the best cake layer sizes? Thanks for any input or suggestions.

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  1. Most cakes I've seen with three tiers, the top is usually reserved for the bride & groom and it's something like 3-4 inches...two layers, 7 inch & 10 inch will feed about 35.. Not everyone at a wedding will eat the cake.

    1. 6" and 10" will be perfect, presuming it's okay to cut the top tier.

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        Thanks for the advice, I think I'm going to go with 2 tiers and I'm using fresh flowers so will put those on top for some extra height. They are getting married in the Caribbean so they won't be saving the top tier for later.

      2. you can always add a 4" layer on top of your 6 or 7"

        i think it looks cute, especially if your friend is going to put little people on top of the cake.

        1. Also keep in mind that wedding cake slices tend to be small, about 2 inches thick and 1 inch wide. For a cutting guide, take a look at

          Happy baking!

          1. Last wedding cake I did I got Dede Wilson's "Wedding Cakes You Can Make" - I couldn't have done it with out it. She has really good charts that let you mess around with tier size, etc.