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Feb 25, 2010 05:13 PM

Cajun Seafood

Good Cajun Seafood restaurant in Houston?? Any area but North Houston

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  1. Rajun Cajun is probably your best bet. The original one on Richmond is my favorite.

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      I was a big fan of Rajun Cajun, but I think they're pricey for what you get, then again I haven't been lately. I prefer Mardi Gras Grill on Durham between I-10 and Washington. I'm a big oyster fan, and their fried are the best I've found in town. They also do a poached oyster in buttter and wine sauce that is wonderful, plus they do nice boiled crawfish. Another good bet is the Creole Crab Dip, sinfully rich crabmeat in a creamy pepper sauce.

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        I've eaten at Rajun Cajun about 3 times in the last two years and it was really bad each and every time. They put ketchup on my oyster po-boy. How gross. This is the one on Richmond. Nothing I've eaten there was worth the trip.

        I've eaten at one on Westheimer too a long time ago and it was disappointing too. The gumbo was so highly seasoned with tobasco that it had NO other taste. If you can't make a decent gumbo, you drown it in red pepper and tabasco so no one outside of a cajun knows the difference.

        I go to Boudreaux's and although it's not true cajun, it's about as good as you can get for the price around town. It's consistent also. I do not get their shrimp as they are farm-raised and flavorless. Their crawfish dishes are all good and their fried oysters are very good. Their salads are wonderful, dirty rice and jalapeno cornbread are very good. Their crawfish etouffee is real good, I get it over their dirty rice. I love their boudin balls. Their fried or blackened fish is also good.

        There is also Floyd's on I-45 South in Webster. They have great fried frog legs and the only thing I've eaten there that I didn't like was their dirty rice. Everything else has been very good and their lunch specials are reasonably priced.

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          Gosh! I haven't been in a long while. Sad to hear it has gone downhill. Guess I won't be going back either.

      2. fyi
        Mardi Gras was formerly Floyd's Cajun Shack - Floyd as in Floyd's in Webster and Beaumont. Crawfish Bisque is terrific.

        Greatly outshines Ragin Cajun imho

        1. Honestly, we haven't found anything great here.....both wife and I are from LA. But.....there is a place in the Heights called Big Mamou.....Very Good little joint. Good shrimp po boy....they get their bread from Gambinos in NOLA. Abita Beer........We've only been once, but it was very good and by far the best Po Boy we've had this side of the Sabine.

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            Thanks for that tip, I'm going to find my way over there to try that. I'm from La. also but I've been here so long that I've quit looking for good cajun and enjoy all the other foods in the area. I can always make it home when I just have to have something from my past.

            If you can get down towards Clear Lake, do try Floyd's. They have good fried frog legs. :-) The only thing I didn't like at Floyds was their dirty rice. And I usually love dirty rice almost anywhere. Everything else was very good.

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              Another GOOD seafood/cajon place is the fishplace on bay area. I dont know how long they have been there but the food is pretty good. Personaly I like the hushpuppies, and fried catfish. But their cajon pasta is really pack full of goodies. i think they have a website but they dont show up on google or bing. So Ill have to look it up in more detail.