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Feb 25, 2010 05:06 PM

Oton or Okan dining with kids

We have relatives who are going to visit with their 18 month old and we have a 2 month old and we wanted to try one of these restaurants. Would either of these places have room to accommodate a party of 6 adults and two little kids? Is one restaurant louder/more serene than the other for an early weekday dinner?

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  1. Both are able to accomodate kids. For Oton, ask to reserve one of their private rooms b/c the bar seating is small and harder to seat kids in w/o partially obstructing traffic.

    For Okan, they can accomodate kids easily at one of their tables.

    Neither is very loud or overly serene. I was at Okan tonight and it was relaxed and mellow, as usual.