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Feb 25, 2010 04:58 PM

Seoul restaurant recommendations?


im going in april and i'm in search of all kinds of places to eat -- high, low, unusual, etc. etc -- basically, if oyu had a memorable meal in seoul, would oyu please let me know about it?


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  1. How does steamed and cooled egg custard (chawan mushi) but with fresh raw lobster sashimi and fresh caviar in it sound? Or how about sea urchin cube, lobster cube with rose, or oyster cube, all of the texture of silky tofu? Pine mushroom (matsutake) mousse in abalone cream soup? Wasabi ice cream with shredded sisho leaves, or truffle creme brulee?

    Try this newest restaurant called 'ELBON the style', whose kitchen is led by star chef Choi, Hyun Seok, who even hasa fan club with over 3,500 members. It is Seoul's Bo Innovation. Prices of their three dinner courses are about U$50, U$75, and U$110. You can also order a la carte.

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      hi there,

      thanks so much for the suggestion -- can you please directions how to get there?

      those links are in korean and unfortunately i dont speak or read korean.

      thanks again,

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        First, Get on the subway line No.3, get off at Shin-Sa Station Exit 8, walk straight, and turn left to Garosu-Kil (meaning "tree-lined street").
        Walk all the way down on Garosu-Kil, nearly to the end of the street and turn left when you see Starbucks.
        Immediately to your right, you will see a 3-story complex. Basement and 1st floor are luxury goods shops, and the restaurant is on the 2nd (open kitchen and main dining hall) and 3rd (private rooms) floor.
        ELBON the table
        tel: 82-2-547-4100

        * Refer to the map attached.