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Feb 25, 2010 04:49 PM

lunch near Queens University, Charlotte

Looking for a great (but not fancy) place for lunch in the vicinity of Queens University in Charlotte. Any kind of food, deli, ethnic, pizza, bbq, -- anyplace where its clear that someone cares about the food. Thanks.

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  1. Try Mueller's:
    Its not exactly cheap for a sandwich shop, and its no longer a secret but its worth going to if you like a good burger or sandwich.

    Depending on how close to Queens you need, you could also try the Montford Dr. route:
    Luisa's for pizza.
    Roasting Company for chicken / Caribbean style food (excellent veggie options
    )Ole Smokehouse for bbq (not the best for traditional NC 'cue but good for lunch)

    Park Rd. Shopping Center has:
    Sir Edmund Halley's
    Situl Indian (recently fantastic, they got over their several year slump)

    In between the two is Park Towne Village, which has 3 bar/restaurants:
    Duckworths (excellent for beer lovers)
    Hef's (nice and laid-back)
    Tavern on Park (little nicer but better for drinks than food)

    1. Pio Pio is a Peruvian Restaurant on East Blvd. that is maybe a mile or so away. They serve up some wonderful rotisserie chicken and tostones, in addition to other things.