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Feb 25, 2010 02:11 PM

Zeytinia store in Englewood is closing

Everything was 40% off last week. Cashier said it will be under new ownership.

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  1. Hmm. Could the one in Oakland be next? It's always empty, and I've seen it in the Health Violations at least twice.

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    1. re: phDuh

      I could not be happier. I loathe that store!! Dirty, rude, and imo, pretty much useless.

      1. re: phDuh

        The Oakland store was dirty from the beginning, empty, and the hot and cold buffet really dicey. I picked up some nice kale and other greens perhaps twice but even the produce department went down hill.

        There is a store called Limon in Hackensack on Main Street, which looked exactly like a Zeytinia. I wonder how they're doing. It seemed expensive for Hacky.

        1. re: KarmaK

          You could see this coming from the start. It's a good concept, but it's missed the mark from day one. And all their stores are alike. Mediocre quality and high prices, not a good formula for success. They should take long walks around Fairway in Paramus and see if they can learn something!

          1. re: KarmaK

            I went to Zeytinia in Oakland a few times, and I liked it, but the other options around this area (especially Fairway) have them beat. I went to Maywood Market a few weeks ago after almost a year of being hypnotized by Fairway, and even though they were great before, they've upped their game since Fairway opened. They seem to have a wider variety of prepared foods and they're holding the line on most prices (which are very good on most items, BTW).

            I've been tempted to try Limon, but the store seems to be very puzzling to me. On the one hand, they advertise themselves as an upscale gourmet store, like Fairway, with fresh baked goods and a wide variety of fresh prepared foods. But they also post weekly sales flyers online, and the flyer looks to me like the typical run-down neighborhood urban supermarket flyer. (I know what it's like to shop in these markets, and if Limon is like that, I'll pass.) Has anybody been there? What's the real deal with this place? Is it more like Fairway or C-Town?

            1. re: zhelder

              When I lived near Maywood Marketplace, I went there often, but had to be very careful with dates on prepared food, cheese and breads. Also, they weren't consistent. Some of the stuff looked great but was so loaded with salt or balsamic as to be inedible.

              Haven't been back to Limon, but it was identical to Zeytinia.

              BTW, NY Labor Board found Z guilty of not paying OT to employees after their representative union sued. They ended up paying out about 1.5 million last year.

              1. re: KarmaK

                I just have to add...
                Maybe a year ago I tripped over a box in Z's Englewood store - I was in a rush, not looking where I was going (my fault) and tripped over a small box they left in the MIDDLE of the tiny aisle (their fault!) Landed on one knee, which hurt. The manager saw it, asked me if I was ok - I said yes, asked why they left a box like that, what if I had been someone elderly or a young child...and he offered me a PIECE OF CHOCOLATE to "make it up to me"!!!! Are you kidding me? Do I look like a child? Was he just trying to avoid a lawsuit by offering me a $2.00 piece of chocolate?
                I haven't been in that store since...

                1. re: lovessushi

                  would a pork roast have been more appropriate?

                  1. re: tommy

                    not if she keeps Kosher.........

        2. An interesting website...

          Isn't it amazing how careless some can be about such things? I mean, not to be nit-picky or anything, but it's a glaring shortcoming... has anybody involved with that company even read their website's front page? Yeesh...

          "You can shop from a globally sourced fresh produce, a full service deli, great meat and seafood department, well priced gourmet grocery on huge kitchen with wonderful market."

          I'm sorry but, what?

          1. Green Lime, which is identical to Zeytinia, is now in the Palisade Avenue, Englewood location. It opened a little over a week ago. Same cashiers, deli people.

            Limon, Main St., Hackensack, is empty.

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            1. re: KarmaK

              Hardly identical. Green Lime is run by Koreans, Zeytinia was Turkish, some of the prepared dishes had Turkish recipes.

              1. re: menton1

                Koreans must be hiding. Haven't seen one since GL opened. Was in yesterday out of curiosity and all were speaking Turkish. Decided to try a red velvet cupcake and the employee took a phone call while I was ordering, and she turned around and spoke in Turkish. Two other employees standing nearby never offered to help so I walked out. The place looks terrible, too. When it first opened, it wasn't that bad, but they've done some renovating and it is just plain ugly and dark.

                1. re: KarmaK

                  I think you're right! It seemed to have a lot of Korean staff the first few days when I was there. But yes, a return visit and it looks like a clone of Zeytinia. Maybe a cousin took it over. :) It is a disappointment.