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Feb 25, 2010 02:00 PM

You're About to Die And You Only have $50

One day left to live - where would you eat your last two or three meals in Manhattan and what would you order if you only had (about) $50 to spend for the day?

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  1. $50 worth of sushi and a kirin draft at ushiwakamaru.

    or id walk across the brooklyn bridge and eat a red wattle pork chop and have a glass of rye at vinegar hill house.

    if i have to break it up...double shack burger, fries, and chocolate shack at shake shack...2 squares at artichoke pizza...merguez sandwich at moustache...quattro panino at 'ino...that should be under $50.

    1. Per Se and order the most expensive tasting menu and wines.

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        1. re: Peter Cherches

          With a few hours to live? I'm not even bringing my credit cards. Let Keller's staff figure out what to do with me. Meanwhile I can always call the valet downstairs to hold off on fetching the Ferrari that I rented earlier.

        2. re: RCC

          LOLOLOL yessssssss , Brilliant!!!!

        3. I would go to Masa and order the most expensive omakase they would do for me....hey, I have one day to live, what are they gonna do, have me arrested?

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          1. re: Marge

            Oh, and don't forget to order that $400 botlle of sake.

            1. re: RCC

              Popeye's Cajun Fried Chicken, biscuits, cole slaw
              then a few Baoguettes (medium spicy).

              I do not need a fancy restaurant

              1. re: pbjluver

                I wouldn't go near either, but if somebody could get me the same from Bojangles (none in NY, alas) and some banh mi from ba xuen, that's another matter.


                1. re: Peter Cherches

                  This probably doesn't help you in any way, but there's a Bojangles in Hempstead.

              2. re: RCC

                Sounds like a plan, RCC, take me to your meal at Per Se and then I'll take you to mine at Masa. Then we can die knowing we had the ultimate meals at the mall at Columbus Circle!

                1. re: Marge

                  OK Marge. We'll just have to make sure that our respective last days coincide. I'd hate to be arrested while still having more than a day to live.

            2. I will play along. (i will cheat a bit and ignore tax and be a non-tipper)

              breakfast: croissant from Patisserie Claude $2.50(?)
              breakfast: small coffee from Grumpy $2.50 (the cheapest on the menu)

              lunch: akamaru ramen from Ippudo $14.00, plain slice from Joe's $3.00 (if outer borough was permitted - i will cough up $5 for di fara's), al pastor taco on 116th st. $2.00

              alternative lunch: Il Capitan sandwhich at Alidoro $9.00, fish taco from pinche $4.00, elote from habana $3

              afternoon snack: shot of hot chocolate at City Bakery $2.00

              dinner: nigiri of oo-toro and uni at whichever sushi joint that has the best/freshest that day. $20.
              alternative option: lasagna from Apizz, spaghetti from Malatesta
              dessert: slice of cake from Lady M, $8

              I've clearly gone over the budget, and I failed to squeeze in steak, wine, beer, and couple of glasses of scotch that I would surely want on my last day among other things. I think I need about 3G to stuff myself on my last day..

              1. I'm a dessert freak, so:

                $5 at Kee's for the rose-lychee macaron and a green tea truffle.
                $12 for a coffee caramel dome at the Bar at the Modern
                $10 for the olive oil coppetta at Otto
                $5.50 for the Beaux Arts pastry at Payard (this is kinda cheating cos Payard doesn't have this flavor anymore at the new shop, he stopped making it before the old Payard closed)

                $3.5 - Sicilian slice at Artichoke
                The remainder is a toss up between some Korean fried chicken, a hot pastrami & pitcher of chocolate soda at 2nd Ave Deli, or some really good lobster or crab somewhere. The first two usually make me want to die of feeling full afterward eating anyway.

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                1. re: windycity

                  Thanks a ton for the ideas! I am on a tight budget with just a few days in Manhattan and really want to know what foods are special to people.

                  1. re: kottke

                    Do you have just one day to live....or are you just on a tight budget? Really big difference kottke...

                    1. re: Marge

                      For a foodie, every day could be their last day to eat and live. That's why I always start with dessert :)

                        1. re: windycity

                          Assuming that all chowhounds prefer sweet to any other taste is a horse of a different color!

                          If the point was to actually spend the fifty bucks, as opposed to "call it quits" while getting arraigned for kipping out on a bill, I might as well gulp a bottle of Badia a Coltibuono EVOO along with beefsteak tomatoes, a baguette, burrata, and a mix of salt and black pepper.

                          Or, I'd have a lunch feast in Koreatown and drain an entire bottle of sesame oil, then I'd move on to künefe and kaymak at Güllüoğlu.

                          If there was a 3rd option, I'd follow in the footsteps of the elderly woman in the supermarket scene of Tampopo...but with one slight change. I'd eat the stuff too.