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Feb 25, 2010 01:39 PM

A week in Palm Beach Shores

We're about to spend a week at a resort (with kitchen) in Palm Beach Shores. My Palm Beach County geography is not that good, especially as to the realities of traffic (which I've found really matter in South Florida), and that has limited my ability to search the board. I'm looking for a variety of places to eat, including a couple of "nice" places, some more casual seafood, a good Cuban sandwich, and any other not-to-be-missed suggestions. Also a good seafood market. We'll have a car, but closer is better We have no dietary restrictions, but we're coming from a barbecue and Tex-Mex intensive stay in Texas, and we like ot eat local specialites at locally owned restaurant, so I'm mainly thinking of seafood and Cuban. We -- I -- also have a strong bias against dinner at places that don't have liquor licenses.
Many thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. You are worried about traffic in Palm Beach county? You're staying on a deserted island in regards to traffic issues. You only have to worry about bicyclists. You should focus on Lake Park, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Juno, and Jupiter. I would not waste my time in West Palm Beach except for Havana. Stay away from any BBQ in south Florida. I can't promise any liquor licenses so you will have to call yourself.

    The only cuban that can be rec'd is Havana in West Palm Beach on US-1. The drive south on US-1 from Singer Island is not pretty.

    Casual but great seafood as you are headed north on Jack Nicklaus Drive from Singer Island ( I do not recommend going into Riviera Beach to go north on US-1).

    The Reef Grill
    12846 US Highway 1
    Juno Beach, Fl
    (561) 624-9924
    no website

    A local outdoor favorite that is all atmosphere and average seafood in Jupiter

    A few nice options that are mainly American fare:

    Pelican Cafe
    Lake Park

    Entree Nous
    Lake Park

    La Trattoria

    Thai food in a very nice setting

    Talay Thai
    Palm Beach Gardens

    You have many other options on PGA Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens like Spoto's, Oakwood Grill, Vic & Angelos, River House, and on.

    Seafood market - the only one I can rec

    Cod & Capers

    1. Sounds like you staying at, or near, our favorite place - Ocean Pointe!

      We like Cafe Chardonnay and, directly across the street from Carmine's Trattoria, Carmine's Seafood place.

      Carmine's market has good fresh fish, also. Plus, makes pretty good sandwiches and pizza which we like after too many restaurant meals!

      For an occasional take-out, we enjoy C.R.Chicks in the strip mall just across from Carmine's seafood. Good rotisserie chicken with decent sides for not much money.

      If you just want a really good burger in a neighborhood bar atmosphere, The Brass Ring in Rivera Beach is a really good bet.

      Enjoy your stay - we'll be hitting that area again next winter - this year we're a little farther south in Delray Beach.

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        The Ocean Grille was sold a while back and is no longer in the Carmine empire. He is opening a new coal oven pizza and a burger place in Abacoa Bermudiana Place where Leftovers Cafe is

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          My wife won't be happy to hear that the Ocean Grille is gone! And, I don't get the whole coal oven pizza craze. Until I was about 7-8 years old, we lived in a home with a coal furnace. I didn't like the smell then and I sure don't like the smell, or taste, of coal on pizza.

          1. re: RAGHOUND

            The Ocean Grille has only changed owners and remains open under the same name. They are still packing them in, so I guess much hasn't changed

      2. these are great recomendations. I thought I was all set until a friend who will be a guest mentioned ribs. I've looked at the board and it sounds like this is not rib area -- that they discourageopen pits that generate a lot of smoke. (Note -- commercial open pits are completely banned from the washington DC area) Am I missing something?

        I really appreciate the help, everyone

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          Austin's in Hobe Sound for ribs. Also Wattana Thai just down from the Havana is nice, as is Thai Lotus in Tequesta and Thai Thani at Summitt and Military in West Palm. Capri Bakery on Southern Blvd. near Parker has the best Cuban sandwich

        2. Here's a brief report on our trip --
          The star was Havana, perhaps because Washington DC is weak on Cuban restaurants. Four of us had a cross-section ofthe menu and everyone was delighted. The pork was terific. Everyone loved their seafood -- fresh and flavorful -- and even a chicked breast had real flavor. All in all, wonderful. In truth, they had us at the Mojo.

          The quality of seafood was very high everywhere, especially at the Reef Grill and Spoto's -- adn the Marina on Palm Beach Shores. Of course, Florida is at a great advantage because grouper doesn't travel well. We also had a surpisingly nice meal at Panama Hattie's, which I resisted on the No Cutsie Name principal. I wasovercome by the Dining Beside Water bloc.

          Thanks to all for the recommendations.

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            Glad we could help and thanks for posting on where you went.

          2. We're headed back to Palm Beach Shores in November, this time without a kitchen. (Well, a refrigerator and microwave.) Suggestions last time were great. What's new and good for lunch and dinner? We may go farther afield this time, especially if it rains or I get sunburned and need a day out fo the sun

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              waterside seafood - you may want to try the River House diagonally across the PGA bridge from Panama Hattie's on the Intracoastal behind the boat storage facility. Also, Jetty's in Jupiter is on the Jupiter inlet....very nice.

              seafood - I highly recommend Leftover's Cafe in Jupiter at Abacoa. Cool'ah Fish Bar in Legacy Place is also pretty good

              upper scale seafood - Ke'e Grill in Juno/Jupiter and same ownership as Jetty's and Cool'ah

              outdoor - Guanbanas is an outdoor paradise if you like all atmosphere and just average food.

              lunch - Vietnamese Express Cafe in N. Palm Beach US-1 is a small casual place for lunch. Also, the Pita Grille (Mediterranean) on US-1 in Juno is really good for lunch or dinner as well.

              small locally owned cafe - Pelican Cafe for lunch or dinner in Lake Park on US-1.

              Italian - La Trattoria, Carmine's Coal Fired Pizza, or Vic & Angelos.

              Thai - Talay Thai is very good

              Updates: Ocean Grille has closed.

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                It looks like I have my work cut out for me. Many thanks