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Feb 25, 2010 12:57 PM

Can I make soup from leftover gravy?

Last night I made a slow-cooked lamb shank dish. The meat was browned and then onion, carrots and celery. Then wine and chicken broth and herbs. Cooked for three hours. Then pureed the liquid to make the gravy. There's alot of this gravy left, probably 3-4 cups. Probably because of pureeing it, after refrigerating it, there isn't a layer of fat to remove from the top. This tastes really good as gravy but could I dilute it and have it be a soup now? I just get the feeling it would be too greasy. I'm certainly not going to throw it away. I can freeze in small portions for other uses later. Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. Has it been chilled yet? Once chilled you can lift off the fat easily. I don't see why you couldn't thin it with broth to make it into soup.

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      After chilling overnight, there was barely enough fat to remove. I'm guessing that pureeing it caused the fat and nonfat to emulsify. I suppose I could just dilute some and see what I think.

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        you might try simmering it and rechilling to see if you can get it to break and release the fat. i've added leftover gravy to soup often. it's like having a golden ingredient. barley and carrots would be great in it. remember the campbell's soup scotch broth? it was a barley/mutton soup back in the day.

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          I like the idea of reheating/chilling. Considering it was lamb shanks, I know the fat is lurking there :) I'd been thinking about rice or orzo but like the barley suggestion more.

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            barley is a great idea..risotto would be good too. and don't forget to save some for mashed potatoes! ooh, and speaking of mashed potatoes, you could make shepherd's pie...or pot pie...or a rice casserole (or substitute it where you'd normally use canned "cream of whatever" soup)..or biscuits & gravy...or gravy fries/poutine..or open-faced sandwiches...

            yeah, i think you'll be able to use it up ;)

    2. You most definitely could use the gravy to make soup; just add a little stock or broth and whatever else you want to put in the soup.

      1. Absolutley use the gravy. I often use gravy, stock from a stew or braise, etc as a base for soup, thinned for quantity and texture. I'd also use up any bits of meat and veg from the original dish - whizzing everything in a blender. Most times, it works as a reasonably good soup. Occasionally, I wish I'd never bothered - the attempt with pork was a frugal step too far.

        1. Definitely hang on to it. You could freeze it in an ice-cube tray and use it to enrich sauces, soups, etc. whenever you feel like something needs some lamby oomph.

          1. It would also be good added to a little ground lamb for a shepherd's pie.

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              I just remembered that I froze a couple of pounds of lamb shoulder recently thinking about burgers but shepherd's pie sounds like a better use. And I can take some to elderly MIL who loves lamb but doesnt cook anymore.

              1. re: c oliver

                Another thought if you freeze the gravy for future use...gravy makes a fantastic pot pie.