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Feb 25, 2010 12:51 PM

One day in Seattle.

Hello all,

My wife and I will be in Seattle for one day in March staying at the Edgewater in the waterfront. Looking for the following:

- Good place for a coffee and pastry in the morning near our hotel.

- For lunch we will probably be in Pike Place Market at that time. What are some must eat places for lunch?

- Dinner we are wavering back and forth between Joule and Emmer & Rye. Both menus look great, what would be your pick for that night.

- Finally, who has the best cocktail program in the city relatively near our hotel? Looking for cocktail bars that use fresh ingredients and focus on creative and classic cocktails.


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  1. Coffee at Fonte with a pastry from somewhere in the Pike Place Market- or both at Le Pichet- or coffee and a walk up 1st in Belltown to Macrina Bakery- these satisfy your wants*

    Lunch eats in the market range from grab and go to sit down- piroshky piroshky, three sisters sandwich, matt's in the market, etc etc

    Dinner- Just did Emmer & Rye and it was fabulous! Plus we went a little earlier and happened upon their happy hour wine/beer/small plates menu... that we combined with the normal menu :)

    Cocktails near your hotel that beyond meet your requirements- Spur!, Zig Zag!, and Tavern Law!

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      Lunch in The Market? Can't go wrong with Maximillians, Steelhead Diner or Chez Shea.

    2. I’m sure that, in the wonderful Chowhound tradition, others, like Natalie, will provide different answers to your questions, but, for me, the answers are pretty easy.

      For coffee and pastry in the morning, Macrina Bakery, 2408 1st Avenue (between Battery St. and Wall St.)

      For lunch in the Pike Place Market, Matt’s in the Market. There are other options, depending on what you are looking for. But, despite a change in ownership, Matt’s is still a great place for lunch with a classic Seattle ambience. You can’t go wrong with the pan-fried cornmeal-crusted catfish sandwich.

      Choice between Joule and Emmer & Rye for dinner: Emmer & Rye just opened less than four weeks ago, so it’s still in a shake-down period. Since it’s new, there’s not a lot of press on it, but here’s a Chowhound link that might help: I’ve not been to Emmer & Rye yet, and plan to wait awhile for them to work out the kinks. However, I have great respect for Natalie Warner’s opinions on food, and her enthusiastic endorsement of Emmer & Rye is worth a lot of weight. I love Joule. Almost everything there is great, but I highly recommend including the Korean mochi with oxtail ragu among your selections. Here’s a Chowhound link on Joule:, Although Natalie’s words of praise for Emmer & Rye make the decision considerably more difficult, my choice would still be Joule.

      The best cocktail program in the city is Zig Zag Café, hands down. All the bartenders there are great but Murray Stenson is legendary. Not far away, Duncan Chase at Taste, in the Seattle Art Museum, also makes a great cocktail and is an impressive historian of mixology (try his fig-infused Maker’s Mark Manhattan). If you go to Taste, tell Duncan I sent you. Duncan fixed a great cocktail for the last person I sent there, and then he told them to go to Zig Zag.

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      1. re: Tom Armitage

        As I read Matt H's post and thought about what my suggestions were going to be - Tom's are exactly the same! Do as he says and you will be very, very happy.

        1. re: Lauren

          Also agree - you cannot do better than these recommendations. Get a scone at Macrina and then buy a loaf of their rye bread to take with you as well.

      2. Natalie and Tom, thank you very much for the recommendations. After looking at the menu for Matt's in the Market I think that definitely needs to happen.

        1. I'm basically chiming in to add consensus to many of the suggestions here. Macrina is a top-notch choice for pastry and coffee, or Le Panier in the market. Definitely Matt's for lunch (the catfish sandwich is good, the grilled ham and cheese even better), get gelato at the place on first avenue just south of Pike for dessert after.

          I ate at Joule for the first time this week (and in fairness, have never been to Emmer & Rye), and it was fantastic! Our table of 5 had no fewer than 20 dishes total, each of which was prepared to perfection. My advice on ordering: each person chooses their own main course, plan to share the sides family style. One per diner is probably enough. Have a salad or soup if you like. Definitely get dessert - the Joule Box (refreshing tapioca and citrus) and Black Sesame White Chocolate creme brulee were my favorites. The chocolate torte was also very good. Skip the carrot cake and banana tart tatin.

          As for cocktails, I will defer to the other posters...

          Also, there are foodie tours of Seattle and the market that sound like fun (I am waiting for an out of town visitor to give me an excuse to go on one). Google "food tours pike place market" and you will find them, or there is an article here with some information: Another tour that is corny but fun, especially for history buffs, is the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square. That one I did with a friend who came to visit last year and I was surprised how much we enjoyed it.

          Enjoy your visit to the Emerald City!

          1. Thank you again everyone for the recommendations, we have settled on Macrina, Matt's, Joule and Zig Zag. Will report back with impressions.

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            1. re: Matt H

              Good choice. I look forward to your report.

              1. re: Matt H

                Good plan. Not to encourage over-eating, but there are many delectables in the Market, so forgive yourself a ration of grazing there.
                Look at old Pike Place posts here for direction (several under mrnelso, as I recall).