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Feb 25, 2010 12:21 PM

Latest pre-fixe deals?

Headed for a trip in a couple of weeks. I've been keeping an eye on the boards and also on various hotel websites. Doesn't seem like there's a lot of discussion about some of the latest offerings.

What I had in mind was something like what Daniel Boulud or Craftsteak was offering regularly last year. Pre-fixe from their regular menu for a set amount. Seems like most of the sites have taken down any mention of these kinds of deals. These kinds of deals were perfect for me dragging nascent hounds to try something different. The kind that are willing to try something new but afraid of spending a lot of money on something they'll regret. They're more used to eating middle end at less cost as their splurge meal. Something like Mon Ami Gabi for example. Boulud's $45 deal was a hit when we tried it. Enoteca San Marco is another one I've converted them into with success.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. They're not always prominently displayed, but many are available. Wynn/Encore offer a dozen prix fixe deals, under the name "Taste of Wynn." Menus are on its web site at .

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      Thanks! I missed that heading since I went to the individual restaurants directly. As my wife would say, if it was a snake, it would have bit me. We may have to do Boulud again. This trip is always a mix of high and low end since we have so many people joining us.

      Love your Vegas page. The pinball museum is a popular afternoon break for everyone in our group.

      1. re: Jase

        Is it true that Boulud is closing when its contract is up - end of April, I think? I would love to try it too, but we're there in May. I suppose there will be nothing in its place by then either.

        1. re: asimplegirl

          DB is closing, but the last I read they changed the closing date to the end of May.

          1. re: asimplegirl

            I was at Boulud last Tuesday and the waiter confirmed that they were shutting down on May 31 to make way for a modern American restaurant. The meal was a disappointment for me (see my review) but others have enjoyed it.

      2. That would be prix-fixe :p

        Prix is french for price. I am arriving in Vegas at the end of March. There are still many prix fixe or tasting menus. Robuchon has several prix-fixe offerings. The Wynn has A Taste Of Wynn which are meals at set prices.

        1. Just got back from 4 nights in Las Vegas.
          Just about every restaurant has some kind of prix fixe deal going on.

          Most of the Taste of Wynn ones are time constrained for seating before 7.
          The ones at the MGM Grand are on the web site. I'd say most of the prix fixe menus were different in details from what's available though.
          The Manadalay Bay ones are at the web site too. One nice deal going on is to get a $50 certificate for about $4-6 (search for coupon code) for use at Stripsteak. They were one of the few places which accepted the certificates on their $55 prix fixe menu.

          1. Aureole (Mandalay Bay) has two tasting menus (I believe $65 and $85). They also now have a small plates menu which has some nice things on it, house made pate, oysters, I can't remember what else. Similarly, right next door Fleur de Lys now has a tapas menu with some reasonably priced items. I think you can get the whole tapas menu (10-12 items) for $99.