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Feb 25, 2010 12:04 PM

Open Markets In Rome

Hi, Can anyone tell me about any open air markets in Rome? My husband and I will be there August 6,7 & 8 this summer. We will have Sunday 8/8 afternoon free, and would love to walk around any marketplace. I know many places are closed on Sunday, would the market be open? Can you tell me where these markets are located and when they might be open? We have an afternoon tour scheduled for 8/6, a full day tour for 8/7 and a morning tour 8/8. Thanks.

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  1. markets - if you are talking about street food markets - are mostly a morning thing. I dont believe the Roman outdoor markets are open on Sunday. the Porta Portese flea market is on on sundays. You ought to work in your market exploring on Friday (or early Saturday) morning instead. What market makes sense depends on where you will be.

    1. Whatever you do, don't miss the Testaccio market. Open in the mornings. Not that big, but lots of really good stuff.

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        Closed Sunday. To see the permanent classic Roman markets, you have to go in the morning, Monday through Saturday. There are other markets open on Sundays. OP should do the art tours on Sunday and see the food on Friday.

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          Thank you all for your feedback. We are flying to Rome the evening of 8/5 (Thursday) arriving Friday morning 8/6. On Monday we transfer to the Ruby Princess for our cruise. We are kinda foodies and enjoy walking around, and tasting, the local markets. We have scheduled tours for the days as I stated above. If I am able to move the Friday afternoon tour to Sunday, would any of the markets still be open on Friday early afternoon, what kind of hours do they keep? We will staying at the Ciceron Hotel, on the west side of the Tiber(not sure of the name of the neighborhood). Any further help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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            The area you are staying in is called Prati. All of the food markets start closing shop around 1, the latest around 2 everything is closed. In the Prati area you have the Trionfale market on Via Andrea Doria, or you can walk over to the Campo dei Fiori or take the bus to Testaccio. It depends on when you will be in town and checked in. All these food markets are closed on sundays. There are 2 organic food markets on some sundays but in August they will be closed.

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              great to know there are some good markets in Rome. I will be there in 3 weeks and I'm looking forward to the food experiences amongst everything else! how could I find out where to find a market? I am staying very near the Termini.

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                The Vittorio Emanuele market is one metro stop or a short walk from Termini.

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                    I enjoyed the Vittorio Emanuele market tremendously...lots of S. Asian produce, really gorgeous greens, and interesting things to see (not just Italian foodstuffs, either). I'm attempting to attach photos...