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Feb 25, 2010 11:58 AM

Aman Indian on Limekiln Pike in Chalfont-ish?

posted this in the Pennsylvania board initially, whoops....

Drove by and saw a sign for Aman Indian somethingsomething (Bistro? Restaurant? whatever) in the newer shopping plaza on 152, I think it's near where Stump Road intersects. Couldn't see if it was open or what. Anyone know the deal? Could it be the same owners as the one in E Norriton? Dying to know!

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  1. Just had dinner at Aman's in East Norriton and they are opening Aman's Bistro in Chalfont. So it is the same owner with a similar menu. The anticipated opening is the end of March barring any delays.

    1. Is this in the new center with the 7-11?

      1. It opened yesterday - I'm excited to check it out and planning on lunch today.

        1. We had dinner there the other night and had a chance to talk with the owner. They aren't the same owners but both owners are in partnership with each other. Similar food but different flair and atmosphere.

          Food was wonderful and the staff were very friendly. Some of the best Indian food I've had in a while.