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Feb 25, 2010 11:27 AM

Best Cafes I Wish Were in My Neighborhood

Why are all the great cafes in someone else's neighborhood? Oh well, I guess I'll have to make it a mission to drive to the best of the best to try them out. By "great cafe" I mean really good food, very casual atmosphere, cheap prices (sandwiches/entrees under $10). Some of my favorites:

1. Gigi's
2. Crema Cafe
3. Cafe Maude


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  1. I wish Brasa were in my neighborhood. And a good asian restaurant. I'm lucky because I live in SW Minn and there are a ton of great neighborhood spots. But, I do get really frustrated with the high prices of all these "neighborhood" places. That's one thing that was really sad about the Heidi's fire- it took out Blackbird, one of the few places around that had moderate prices.

    1. Victory 44 - Oh wait, that's in my neighborhood. Lucky me!

      Um, I'll go with:

      2. Blue Door Pub
      3. Chimborazo

      1. Gigi's and Crema are both in my 'hood and I've never been to Gigi's and only to Crema for ice cream. I'm a bad person, I know. But there are so many good Mexican and Vietnamese places in walking distance...

        I wish Bad Waitress was closer. I love their atmosphere and they do a nice breakfast and have good salads.

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          Seriously? Bad Waitress is the worst!

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            You gotta try Gigi's - great quiche in the morning, great sandwiches the rest of the day. Not sure if you're a bad person, but certainly a lucky person............

          2. Besides those already listed, I've also really enjoyed Pairing's Food and Wine in Minnetonka

            1. I'd love to have ANYTHING in the NE burbs. As it is, I'm stuck in chain hell.

              Let's go by topic:

              1) Great breakfast spot - Bon Vie, Al's, Good Day
              2) Great burger and beer spot - The Nook, The Gnome, Buster's
              3) Great little food gem - Brasa, Victory 44
              4) Great ethnic food - Anything from Central, Lake, University or Eat Street

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                I'm with you BigE - Not many decent options in the NE Suburbs....