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What's your latest food quest?

Best Cafes I Wish Were in My Neighborhood

mesafoodie Feb 25, 2010 11:27 AM

Why are all the great cafes in someone else's neighborhood? Oh well, I guess I'll have to make it a mission to drive to the best of the best to try them out. By "great cafe" I mean really good food, very casual atmosphere, cheap prices (sandwiches/entrees under $10). Some of my favorites:

1. Gigi's
2. Crema Cafe
3. Cafe Maude


  1. m
    meljohns Feb 25, 2010 02:20 PM

    I wish Brasa were in my neighborhood. And a good asian restaurant. I'm lucky because I live in SW Minn and there are a ton of great neighborhood spots. But, I do get really frustrated with the high prices of all these "neighborhood" places. That's one thing that was really sad about the Heidi's fire- it took out Blackbird, one of the few places around that had moderate prices.

    1. k
      kevin47 Feb 25, 2010 02:40 PM

      Victory 44 - Oh wait, that's in my neighborhood. Lucky me!

      Um, I'll go with:

      2. Blue Door Pub
      3. Chimborazo

      1. c
        churchka Feb 25, 2010 05:47 PM

        Gigi's and Crema are both in my 'hood and I've never been to Gigi's and only to Crema for ice cream. I'm a bad person, I know. But there are so many good Mexican and Vietnamese places in walking distance...

        I wish Bad Waitress was closer. I love their atmosphere and they do a nice breakfast and have good salads.

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        1. re: churchka
          pistachio peas Feb 25, 2010 07:57 PM

          Seriously? Bad Waitress is the worst!

          1. re: churchka
            mesafoodie Mar 2, 2010 08:19 AM

            You gotta try Gigi's - great quiche in the morning, great sandwiches the rest of the day. Not sure if you're a bad person, but certainly a lucky person............

          2. Reservationsforone Feb 25, 2010 06:46 PM

            Besides those already listed, I've also really enjoyed Pairing's Food and Wine in Minnetonka

            1. b
              BigE Feb 26, 2010 06:49 AM

              I'd love to have ANYTHING in the NE burbs. As it is, I'm stuck in chain hell.

              Let's go by topic:

              1) Great breakfast spot - Bon Vie, Al's, Good Day
              2) Great burger and beer spot - The Nook, The Gnome, Buster's
              3) Great little food gem - Brasa, Victory 44
              4) Great ethnic food - Anything from Central, Lake, University or Eat Street

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              1. re: BigE
                mngal Feb 26, 2010 10:00 AM

                I'm with you BigE - Not many decent options in the NE Suburbs....

              2. mtullius Feb 26, 2010 11:53 AM

                We're very fortunate for live near Swede Hollow Cafe, which meets all your criteria I believe. Great atmosphere (esp. when it's warm enough to sit outside), great homemade soups and desserts (sandwiches are good too, but they're 'just' sandwiches), reasonable prices....

                1. h
                  Haricotsv2 Feb 27, 2010 07:28 AM

                  I went to Cheeky Monkey for the first time Thursday--loved it! Tried to go Friday and couldn't get in. We went to Bon Vie then, and had great sandwiches (roasted pepper veggie and meatloaf)--usually we just go to Bon Vie for their great eggs benedict. So I vote for both!

                  1. Davydd Feb 27, 2010 09:49 AM

                    I'm happy with the 318 Cafe in Excelsior. Good food and nightly live entertainment. In the summer it is adjacent to a well traveled bike path from Hopkins to Victoria.

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