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Feb 25, 2010 11:00 AM

Per Se dinner with wine pairings cost

How much can I expect to pay for the 9 course tasting menu dinner at Per Se with wine pairings? What about lunch?

Thank you.

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  1. Last time I was at Per Se, the tasting menu was $325 per person (I'm going from memory). Wine pairing was the same price as the tasting menu, so tasting menu with wine pairings was $650/pp. Prices are the same at lunch, as is the menu.

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      You are not correct. The 9-course menu is $275 at both dinner and lunch. That price includes the gratuity, but not tax (9%) nor the wine pairings. The cost of wine pairings depends on how many courses you pair and what types of wine you prefer. At lunch, there is also a 5-course menu for $175, gratuity included. The information is on the website.

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        Thanks, RGR. My apologies for the misinformation. As stated, I was going from memory - and I remember it being a REALLY big bill!

        Thanks for the correction.

    2. The tasting menu almost always has a foie gras preparation that is currently a $40 supplement. If you get the foie, which most people do at Per Se, then the menu is 315$ for dinner + tax and you're looking at about 345$ per person.

      Wine pairing depends...but estimated about 600-700 dollars per person for dinner.

      For lunch, expect 300-450ish

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        Good point about the foie gras.

        With regard to the wine, my husband was the only who drank. He did 5 pairings, and the cost was $150.

        Why are you estimating a much lower cost at lunch? Unless one orders the smaller tasting, the cost for the 9-course + wine will be the same as at dinner.

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          for some reason I thought lunch was 5 course at 175. so I figured less wine and less food cost. maybe I'm wrong though

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            At lunch, the 9-course menu is served as is the 5-course. You are correct that the 5-course is $175. But I'll bet most people choose the 9-course.

      2. Sorry that post was confusing. Final totals for lunch and dinner are WITH a large wine pairing.

        But at Per Se you can choose to pair with 1, 2, 3 or any number of dishes. so it really depends. When I went it was 400 per person for dinner, but we didn't get much wine

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          Thanks everyone..just wanted to have an idea so I don't have a heart attack when I actually see the check!

        2. We had 3 bottles of wine, instead of pairing. Started and finished with bubbles. A white than a red and for 3 people the bill was about $1600. Four Years ago.