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Feb 25, 2010 10:52 AM

Sale on Staub Cocottes (Free shipping within Canada)

For any of you out there looking to get a cheap(er) Staub cocotte, just wanted to let you know that The Sous Chef ( is having a sale currently. I don't have a full price list but the 5 quart round cocotte is on sale for $199 (regular $300) and the 6.25 quart round cocotte is on sale for $280 (regular $350). They will have most colours in stock mid-March. Plus, shipping is free within Canada!

Thought I'd share with everyone since I've been looking for a good deal for a while now myself :)

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  1. Is it just me, or are there no products or prices listed on that site? As for pricing, creative cookware has competitive prices on Staub, $229USD for the 6.3qt round with free shipping in Canada. You just need to account for the currency conversion.

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      Not just you. Also, I'm not sure what the exchange rate is currently or usual prices in Canada, but IN USD, a 5 qt is reguarly found at $199. I've been trying to find a good sale myself on Staub in Grenadine color, 5-qt to 8-qt size. Does anyone know if there's a special sell on Staub during the year, and if so, when / where?

      1. re: blint

        There are no products or prices listed. I had to send an email to get information. I think this deal is mostly pertinent for Canadians since some american sites don't ship to Canada and since they're heavy, the shipping can get expensive.