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Feb 25, 2010 10:25 AM

Tasu -Brier Creekin Raleigh

Has anyone been to Tasu in Brier Creek in Raleigh. had some people reccomend it but seeing if anyone else has been since its a very long drive from Fuquay for us.

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  1. It's Asian with Chinese, Japanese, and Thai (and other?) menu items.

    I think they frequently have buy 1 get 1 on sushi.

    I've eaten there for lunch occasionally and it has been fine but I certainly wouldn't drive far to go there.

    I thought there price point was a little high for lunch but I can't give you any particulars.

    Most places that do varied Asian don't do any of them particularly well.

    If you want Thai, there are definitely better places closer to you than this place.

    1. It's owned by the same people that own Shiki Sushi in Durham. I think they have excellent sushi, it is expensive though. They do have buy 1 get 1 at night as long as you eat in. Its a cool looking restaurant inside..quiet, modern fancy feel...Im not sure I would drive that far unless you really have nothing near you....Mabye if you make it a movie night or go to Frankies mini golf arcade right by there on 70....

      1. We go there for lunch fairly frequently. I have found dishes to be hit and miss. (I have not eaten the sushi there as I am not a huge sushi fan.)

        The green curry is EXCELLENT and is what I get just about everytime.

        I am not sure I would drive all of the way from Fuquay. coming from Fuquay I would suggest Tom Yum Thai in Cary or SuperWok first.

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          I do work in the park so we are up this way after work. Sushi is very limited in or non existent in Fuquay. We go to Wasabi but it has gone down hill in the last few years. Sushi Thai has always been just OK to me.

        2. My girlfriends and I went last week - 2 of us had sushi and 1 had a Chinese entree. We were all very happy ----> and on Thursday nights, ALL wine is $6/glass.

          I would definitely go back.