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Feb 25, 2010 10:24 AM

Milwaukee "kid-friendly" dining recomendation

I'm traveling to Milwaukee for the first time (from Los Angeles) with my husband and 4 year old son. Any good recommendations for casual restaurants? We are pretty adventurous eaters, so not looking for specific recs, but my son has an affinity or hot dogs and bratwurst. ;) We will have a car and don't mind driving. I've heard that there are some good gastro-pubs around the area, but don't know if those are kid-friendly or not?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not a restaurant per se, but they have a really good fish fry on weekend evenings (starting around 6) with polka, which the kids love.

    1. AJ Bombers on Water St. downtown. Not very adventurous , but a nice variety of burgers and sandwiches (and hot dogs!) The highlight is that the servers send "peanut bombs" via a series of tracks around the restaurant that drop down on your table. Good entertainment for all ages :)

      Beans and Barley on North and Kennilworth (Lower East Side neighb.orhood) is a good standby and local favorite. Lots of variety for breakfast and lunch.

      Fratellos in the Third Ward. Huge menu, beer brewed at the restaurants own brewery, gorgeous patio on the river (if it's warm enough!) and best of all...all the tables are covered with paper and have crayons on them so you can doodle to your hearts content. :)

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        FYI - Fratello's is closed (they're currently turning it into Ryan Braun's new restaurant) - should open by the time training breaks, I think.

        We have a 2.5 and a 9yo - many interesting places in Milwaukee that serve food also happen to be bars, which is a problem sometimes. However, a few fun places we like to go are the Comet Cafe (East Side/Farwell Ave), Honeypie (on KK in Bay View), Milwaukee Ale House (Third Ward/Water St), the Cafe Hollander/Cafe Centraal "local chain" might be a good option too (3 locations: Bay View/Wauwatosa/East Side - Downer Ave). Also, 2 decent /local Mexican places & super kid friendly: La Fuente (S. 5th St/North of National in Walker's Point) and El Fuego on Layton Ave/9th St (South, near the airport).

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          Thanks! We will be there in May and will definitely try some of these restaurants. :)
          Cafe Hollander sounds like something we'd all enjoy. :)

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            Whoops. Literally heard the day after I originally posted that Fratello's was closing. Shame. Their ahi tuna pizza w/hoisin sauce was delicious. Hope Braun's place manages to have staying power. He's opening one in Lake Geneva too...

            I will second Comet Cafe (get there early on the weekends!!) and El Fuego (very vibrant place...the patio w/a waterfall and a pond full of fish will probably be open by the time you get there in May...)

            4301 W Wisconsin Ave Ste 189, Appleton, WI 54913

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