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Feb 25, 2010 10:05 AM

Gigante beans - where to buy? (aka gigande, hija)

Does anyone know of a store in the city that sells dried gigante beans (aka gigande or hija)?
Preferably at a price per pound that is less than filet mignon.

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  1. have you tried kalustyan's? (lex btwn 28/29)? or if you feel like venturing to astoria, just about every greek market there sells them-- try around the 30th ave N/W stop. you can even find them fresh there when they're in season (whenever that is, i think early fall)

    1. Buon Italia, inside Chelsea Market (9th Ave, betw. 15th & 16th St.), sells them, and their prices are usually very reasonable across the board. I believe Manhattan Fruit Exchange (also inside Chelsea Market) sells them as well...although Buon Italia will likely be cheaper.

      1. i've seen them at the international grocery in hell's kitchen.