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Feb 25, 2010 09:49 AM

New Orleans Rehearsal Dinner

I am trying to plan a rehearsal dinner in New Orleans in November but we have never been there. I have been searching online but by the time you add the 30% for tax and service charges the price is around $100 per person. There will be about 50 people attending. Does anyone have a recommendation for us? $5000 for dinner? Wow.

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  1. Napoleon House

    From their website:
    Minimum guests required is 40 and maximum is 60 guests.
    The price, $65.00 per person plus 9.75% tax and 20% tip. This price
    includes your open bar during the cocktail hour and wine with dinner.
    Requires a deposit of 20% of the total amount to secure the date.
    All dinner parties are three hours long.

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      I have been to receptions upstairs at Napoleon House and I have enjoyed them. Not a sit down dinner, but passed apps and a buffet, and everything was fine. The space is very pretty too.

      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely look into this!

        1. re: AllBoys

          FWIW, I got married there, including reception (75 people). Awesome! Give Sal a call.

          1. re: BayouTeche

            I adore Napoleon House. I think that would be a great idea.

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              I am so jealous. =) That is awesome.

      2. I had an awesome rehearsal dinner at Mother's. They have a private room next door. It was fabulous! Quality New Orleans food. We even had an open bar and it was affordable!

        1. 30% tax & SC is standard. Also some places will require 75% non-refund advance
          during season, which November is. $ 75 - 125 is the average white tablecloth rate.

          Nap house is great. If anyone has issues with steep stairs, it won't work as there is no elevator. This is an issue at alot of Fr Qtr places - so keep that in mind.

          Should we assume you want the Qtr ? If so, other options are one of the rooms upstairs @ Arnaud's (the ballroom might be too big but there's plenty more). Arnaud's has the Germaine Wells museum on the 2nd floor which gives you're guests something to walk around in. Pat O' Brien's at the Jax Brewery is another option - food is actually OK and the view is great. Japanese room @ Antoine's would work for 50 also. Muriel's has a private dining room too.

          If the bride is working with a hotel for wedding guests, you might see what they can do
          for a rehersal dinner, if costs from independent restaurants are still too steep. Good luck.

          1. For 50 people I'd try to do a buy-out of a small restaurant. Try Iris, Boucherie, Bistro Daisy, maybe Lillette? What day of the week is it? And what time are you aiming for? Often at small restaurants if you are doing a buy-out at a time they wouldn't be open anyway, you can negotiate something that works for both of you. On the other hand, Friday at seven and you are definitely going to end up paying $100 a person. Good luck!

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              we were able to book out all of casamento's for our rehearsal dinner. what fun! oysters, gumbo, crab claws, abita beer flowing and shrimp sandwiches/trout plates. you've got an oyster bar upfront and a quaint little super clean old school tile restaurant. i think for about 40-50 people it came out to about 2800. but...we did it on a thursday night. good luck

            2. I had mine at Tommy's Cuisine in the warehouse district and it was great. They had several menus to choose from. Food was outstanding!