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Feb 25, 2010 09:42 AM

Changes in Amityville: Rebecca's is now Park Avenue Grill

I've posted about this place in the past,
and Newsday did a bit:

They did a makeover recently, changing from Rebecca's Cafe to the Park Avenue Grill. The changes involved renovations and redecorating, and the addition of an organic menu; dinner service to start in mid-March, and I think they're going for a beer/wine license. Same ownership as before but with an expanded menu.

It still remains pretty much the ONLY breakfast destination for me in the area (S/E Nassau and S/W Suffolk). I've never done lunch there, but the other posters have all been pleased with it.

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  1. Recently went in for breakfast and what an experience!
    The food was creative, generous, fresh, ORGANIC, and simply delicious!
    The service was spot on and attentive, continuously eyeballing my coffee
    even though the place was packed, They did not rush us at all...
    The cook periodically came out of the kitchen to look around and make sure things were
    running smoothly. Our waitress told us that the cook was the owner. She had the perfect dispositions for the place, and her cute smile didn't hurt either (I'm a sucker for dimples). Everything just "works" at this place.
    Very reasonable prices as well (it;s definitely not diner grub-this is gourmet!).
    I wish I lived closer because I'd be a regular. I am looking forward to stopping in again.
    Buon Appetito!