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Feb 25, 2010 09:40 AM

Which is the better of the restaurants at the Delta hotels in Edmonton ?

I have a $200 credit through my "Delta Privilege" card which expires this Sunday Feb 28, 2010. I was thinking of using it for a dinner at one of their restaurants.
Which of the restaurants at the Delta hotels in Edmonton is the better one? Any other suggestions on how to spend the credit?

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  1. felix:

    I have been to both but stayed at neither.

    I have eaten at what was then [it may still be for all I know] the Cocoa Cafe in their City Centre West location downtown.

    I have been to functions at the southside Whitemud location but I am not sure about their restaurant(s).

    I spent my credit the last time we were out at the Delta in Victoria...too many times I like you have got to close to the end of the period without having used the credit and just lost it and since I often travel with my dogs, the upgrades rarely apply as they do not permit pets on their specialty floors.

    Is there a Dunn's on the grond floor of the southside location? Or, is it or was it in another one of the hotels along that stretch?

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Dunn's is across the street from the Delta at the Greenwood, so alas not of help.

      I used my credit towards a girl's weekend at the Delta downtown - we booked a room and shopped, went to a movie, and had dinner and breakfast there. Cocoa's was fine. Nothing fabulous, but the food was good (service very spotty). I enjoyed the brunch buffet.

      1. re: MrsCris

        Dunns is in the Delta South and Daltons is across the street in the Greenwood Inn.

        Never been to Dunns personally so I cant comment on the food. I have been to both Deltas for work functions and the food was good but cant comment on any of the restos - sorry.

        1. re: Bellavino

          Delta South changed the name from Dunn's to Botanica (I think that's the name) quite awhile ago...but it is closed right now due to a fire in the fall. It should open up again in couple of months...they still serve Dunn's Montreal smoked meat sandwiches though.

    2. I've only ever been to Cocoa's in the downtown one, it was very good and I thought service was great but it was in the evening and not busy at all. You''ll have a tough time using the $200 credit unless you bring a bunch of friends, you can't use it for wine. I've had a few credits expire unused *sigh*.

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      1. re: hsk

        For the record, we did go to Cocoa's and yes we did have a hard time spending $200 for food among the three of us. It was a Sunday night and we were one of two tables occupied. I find it depressing eating in a nearly deserted restaurants. They were out of the only red wine bottle that sounded promising. The food was unremarkable, except for the desserts, and we would not go back under normal circumstances.