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Feb 25, 2010 09:39 AM

halal recipes/ cook books (moved from Manhattan board)

"more toppings more flavors same price" cart on E 40th and Park was the best meal I've had in a long time. I went with the combo over rice with white sauce and extra hot sauce. It was amazing I forgot how much i loved halal. I want to learn how to cook this dish and others. what is a good place for recipes and/or are there any good halal cookbooks in English.

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  1. I've seen a great collection of cookbooks sold at Kalustyan's. Check this out:

    1. Halal is not a cuisine, like say French or Italian. When used in relation to food it is meant to signify food that is permitted under religous laws- just like kosher is used. Examples of food prohibited as halal would be pork.
      Any cookbook that calls for ingrediants allowed under halal would work.

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        Agreed. The term "halal" is grossly misused in NYC by people who see it on the street cart and assume that describes a type of cuisine. The street carts are a fusion of Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines; combining a recipe for Middle Eastern lamb and a South Asian pullao is a good approximation to what one gets from the carts. The white sauces vary between carts with a range of recipes available on the internet.

        You might particularly like this lamb recipe:

      2. yes halaal means Islamically permissible, in the case of food it means permissible for consumption. Anything can be made according to the rules of halaal food prep, from McDonalds burgers to Thanksgiving turkey meal to whatever, to pepperoni pizza (with a non-pork pepperoni). It is not a cuisine. The vendors labelling themselves as halaal just means that their foods are prepared soundly according to halaal contsraints.

        An interesting cookbook idea would be for NYC foodcart recipes, though. They have books like that for SE Asian Hawker food, so why not NYC street foods? Someone could make a good project out of that.

        1. Excellent, happy to be corrected! One step closer to getting it right in my own kitchen.