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Feb 25, 2010 09:36 AM

Sunday brunch in Arlington

Hi all! I am putting together the dining plans for my upcoming business trip to Washington/Arlington. I just found out that my schedule will allow time for brunch on Sunday before I head home. Is there anyplace in Arlington to get a good brunch? I'm staying in Crystal City and won't have a car. Thanks!

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  1. My favorite places for brunch in Arlington are in the Clarendon area, I don't know if you have time to metro or cab, but Tallula and Eventide both have really good brunch.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      Yes, both are very good. So is Liberty Tavern, just a couple of doors from Eventide.

      1. re: Arabella09

        I second the rec on Liberty Tavern for Brunch. Nice room, outstanding display, good service and terrific coffee.

        No need for a cab. Easy to take Metro from Crystal City to Rosslyn, then change to the Orange Line (get off @ Clarendon stop).

      2. re: ktmoomau

        I really like Tallula and Boulevard Woodgrill for brunch in Arlington. For some reason, Boulevard Woodgrill has awful coffee, while Tallula uses Illy coffee -not sure if that matters.

      3. Can't think of a brnch place in Rosslyn, but two or three metro stops up the orange line puts you at Harry's Tap Room, with a very nicely done brunch.

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          I would rather have brunch at Hanks Oyster Bar on King Street, and then head for after coffee at Mishas =) Great place to hang out Old Town Alexandria =)