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Saucier recommendations?

I'd like to purchase a 3 quart saucier but haven't found the optimal choice yet. I have been looking at the all-clad ss, but it doesn't have a pouring rim, which I'd like. There is a version that has a little spout for pouring, but I'm not crazy about the design and I'm not sure it's worth the price increase. I don't care for the Le Creuset version either. Ideally, all-clad will come out with one in the d5 line, but I called all-clad customer service and they said they have no indication that they will be coming out with one any time soon (the rep said they're usually informed 6-8 months in advance). I'm also kicking myself because I thought about buying one during the last cookwarenmore sale but I held off, and now of course the price has gone up.

Does anyone have any suggestions? If not, I guess I'll bite the bullet and purchase the all-clad. Thanks, all

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  1. Hi, grayum. Looks like I was exacly on the same path for All-Clad. After quite a few readings and searches, I initially bought LC SS 3.5 qt chef's pan but eventually retruned it as I finally got this:


    I know All-Clad has this version as Copper Core (with a rolled rim and a helper handle), but did not know as SS. Luckily, I scouted it at a local Bloomingdales last month. This version is a closeout so it was just $86. Maybe, the closeout is the reason I had never seen this at any major retailes' shops or websites.

    The pan is made in USA while the lid in China as other All-Clad pans are. I have used it only a couple of times as I got it just a couple of weeks ago, but I really love to have a pouring rim and a helper handle. For 3 qt, I cannot see any better alternatives in terms of the functionality and the price I paid. As you mentioned, finding the optimal choice for 3 qt saucier is not easy, so I understand your dilenma very well:


    If interested, I would recommend to call up your local Bloomies or check with cookware and more if they still have one although all I see at their website at the moment is the version without a pouring rim. Also, I saw them a couple of times at ebay in the past months listed around $130.

    Good luck!

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      hobbybaker -- this looks perfect. Will call Bloomies and cookwarenmore. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

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        Sigh, of course neither sources has it. Bloomies will order it but the price is the same as various online sources (165) and they charge shipping. I'm not ready to pay that much, although now that I know that it's out there, I can't settle for the other version! I guess I'll keep an eye out on ebay and elsewhere -- if you happen to see it, would you mind posting to this thread? Thanks so much!

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          Grayum- So Sorry to hear that (Sigh). Bloomies must have some other sales coming before summer, too, then, you can try it again if you don't find any at ebay or else.

          I can tell you that it is the ideal 3 qt saucier for me. I really don't understand why All-Clad does not come up with this version as D5! Even, no plan. As you did, I initially called up WS and asked, too, as I believe D5's additional functionalities are perfect for sauciers. Anyway, if I happen to notice the SS version, I will let you know :)

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            If LeCreuset has something similar you want in their stainless line.. why not call one of their retail outlet stores?
            they ship orders over $100 free.. and they are always having 20-30% off sales.


            sur la table has a 2qt.. not quite what you were looking for:

            One other suggestion.. try calling a williams sonoma outlet store and see if they have one.. they had a lot of AC on sale.

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              grayum - Just one more thing to add.

              I understand that your saying "I don't care for the Le Creuset version either." means you don't like the "3.5 qt SS chef's pan" (my second runner up), but wonder now if you might mean that you don't like their "enamelled cast iron sauciers".

              If it is the case, LC 3.5 SS chef's pan is very identically sized to All-Clad 3qt saucier, so it can be your runner up, too. It is 0.5 inch narrower. with rolled rim and a helper handle. Have a flat lid vs the All-Clad's domed lid. Made in China is a drawback if you mind but very sturdy and a bit heavier than the All-Clad. It might be still around $100 until the end of this month at LC outlet. If I had not struck the All-Clad deal, I still kept this LC. I like this better than other usual SS All-Clad 3qt sauciers.


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                Thank you both! I hadn't realized that LC made a SS chef's pan that looks so similar to the AC. I had been looking at the enamelled sauciers. Looking at the chef's pan, the only thing that I might not like about it is that it looks like the sides are straighter than I'd like -- more like a saute pan than a saucier, although the bottom is rounded. It looks like a very good second choice, so I think I will try to take a look at this in person.

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                  Hi, Compared with the All-Clad 3qt, the upper diameter is 0.5 inch smaller, the bottom diameter is .5-.8 smaller, but the side is a bit higher, if my memory serves me correctly. My impression when I had both of them at the same time in front of me was that All-Clad is indeed a slightly flatter. But, it is always a good idea to take a look in person and check if you like it or not :) Hope it helps.

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                    I have an assortment of tri-ply including All-Clad, Calphalon, Surlatable, and Tramontina. I recently purchased a 2-quart saucier (Le Creuset triply) that was on sale ($650 from the Cutlery & More website and must say it is probably my favorite. Beautifully made, comfortable handle, rolled edge, heavy metal - just all-around top-notch construction. You should check out their 3-quart in person because this is really nice cookware.

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                      Koigirl : I recently purchased a 2-quart saucier (Le Creuset triply) that was on sale ($650 from the Cutlery & More website and must say it is probably my favorite.

                      Hi, Koigirl - I understand what you want to say is $65 instead of $650?? If it is $650, it is not affordable at all :) Also, what you meant was 3 qt saucier or 2 qt saucepan in stead of 2 qt saucier?? As fas as I know, LC has no 2 qt SS saucier although they have a 2 qt saucepan. Anyway, it is not a big deal:)

                      1. re: hobbybaker

                        Yes, thanks for the corrections: it was a 2-qt. saucepan for $65.00. Trying to type and watch the Olympics at the same time!

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                So many great suggestions here -- but I really want to make lobster risotto, and I MUST have the all-clad, 3.5 quart saucier with domed lid, helper handle and pouring rim to cook it in! I've been trying to wait patiently (well -- ok, 9 days) for one to show up on ebay but so far no luck. I would just pay full price for one, but now that I know that I just missed out on picking one up for $86 I can't do it (darn you hobbybaker -- I shake my fist at you! lol) Just out of curiosity, how often do you see them on ebay? Thanks, grayum

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                  Hello, Gryum- It is 3.0 qt not 3.5 qt!!!. 3.5 qt is LC SS.
                  Check Ebay with keyword "Chef's pan", and "3qt" not only with "Saucier". Sometimes, the seller does not know what it is and put it as "Chef's Pan" and "3 qt" or even just "Sauce pan" or "Saucepan" (with space and no space:). Remember? All-Clad does not put the name of the pan and volume on the outside of the bottom of the pan. So unless the sellers are very familiar with All-Clad or have a box, they really do not know. Be careful, All-Clad has a 4 qt Chef's pan as you might know, so you need to be sure the pan, whatever they call it, is definitely a 3 qt.

                  Pshhhhhh...Guess what, I see now something is going on there :) Check right now. Ask measurement and return policy if you are not sure. I saw the same pan at least 3 times in Dec and Jan posted by various sellers.

                  Ask people at Bloomies in person. they are very helpful, at least, my local. Go with people at your local store not only online. Also, Check Tjmaxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods often. Call WS outlet and ask if you have one locally as grindjkin advised you. Good luck for your search. It is really a great versatile pan but you can get the same feel from LC SS 3.5qt, too. 0.5 qt diff doesn't matter much if what you want to cook is mainly risotto, I guess. I bought both of them to compare apple to apple in front of me as I really want to see the diff of them in person:)

                  1. re: hobbybaker

                    I found mine last year at TJMaxx for 89.99 .. it's so hit or miss though.. and what one store has, another doesn't.. so last spring/summer when I was really on the prowl for re-doing my cookware.. I took a day every so often to myself.. and just went to all the different ones. Sometimes it worked.. sometimes not. and if going to visit family, I'd leave a little early so I could pop into the one near them. (that's when I found the 3qt with domed lid)

                    Sometimes your local specialty cookware stores have annual sidewalk sales.. I picked up the AC lasagna pan at one of those for $49.

                    It's just a matter of can you wait and hope one shows up or not.
                    Cooks warehouse in Atlanta has them I believe for $165.
                    They also have the 3qt cassoulet.. which has a flat lid and I don't think the pouring lip you are looking for.. but it's like 119.

                    Would the Williams Sonoma exclusive saute/simmer pan work?
                    It has the rounded bottom, the SS is 4qt.. but does have the lip (d5 line)
                    Lid is flat, but price is 149 and you get more room, or the copper core vs at same price is 3qt


                    1. re: grnidkjun

                      Hi, grnidkjun:) I like saute/simmer idea. I saw it for $99 at WS as their tri-ply. I guess it is a good value. I almost bought it as I have 10% coupon so it was $90, but OMG I did not. I need to save $ for my LC:) I wished 3 qt has a rolled rim, too:) How do you like your lasagna pan? I guess it is made in China though?

                      1. re: hobbybaker

                        Hmmm.. maybe call the Williams Sonoma outlet then and see if they have the Saute/Simmer pan in stainless tri ply.. I saw they had moved a lot of AC tri ply there since the retail store is only carrying d5 now.

                        It works great.. I do believe the AC one is made in china as it is not tri-ply.
                        It's still really sturdy though and just stainless steel. I wouldn't do any stovetop cooking with it. It doesn't feel heavy enough for that to me.. though I could be wrong.. I have read reviews where some have warped theirs doing so.

                        I love to make lasagna though and have a few pans to make it with and recently picked up the Emile Henry Flame roaster at TJM (where else) and thought I would give that line a try.

                        I have this one Calphalon enameled thick aluminum rectangular roaster with NS interior.. the sides are like 4 to 4.5" high.. it makes an awesome deep dish.. but really wanted to get away from the non stick. Whatever line I found that one from years ago seems to be long gone.. I've never found another one.

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                          You are right about the lasagna pan. I read some bad warping incidents at Amazon. My assumption is they used it either as a roasting pan with very high heat or on stove to make a gravy. I guess as far as you use it as a "Lasagna" pan, it should be safe. I am myself not a lasagna fan. When I make it, I make it thin, so I do not need a deep pan. Therefore, I am happy with my recent purchase of this.
                          It is a great piece as the porcelain dish is from Pillivuyt, made in France. The dish itself costs at least around $45. So, $59 is a value. (You never know it will be like $49 at TJ, let's say this summer. It Can happen:) The frame SS is made in China, but very very sturdy. Great on the table. 3qt is a bit big as a casserole dish, but it can be used for gratins etc. I also bought the square one as a gift to my friend. This was another great findings at my Bloomies in Jan on top of the AC SS saucier.

                          1. re: hobbybaker

                            I'll bet you will find a lot of use for it around the holidays and fill it up with plenty of side dishes/casseroles! I've seen those and they are really pretty.. never know.. one might just pop up.

                            I actually just recently picked up this one at Marshalls for $99 but sadly.. it is too large for my oven.. I'm a bit sad.. I do wish I had a larger oven, but without losing a lot of cabinet space which I'm short on.. I can't put in a larger one.
                            So, I suppose it's back to the store.


                            1. re: grnidkjun

                              $ 99 is a deal! More than 60% off, but as you mentioned, it is a HUGE one. I like a smaller one with a starange hook for a chicken. I guess it is a WS exclusive, but not yet seen it at WS outlet. I hope one might pop up at OUR favorite TJ/Marshalls etc (where else:) although competitions in my area is quite tough. I need to go one of them today. I need to buy some tools for baking over this weekend. Wish me a luck!

                              1. re: hobbybaker

                                I know!! It's actually killing me and I'm thinking.. I could roast birds at my mom's house in it then bring it home.. lol

                                It is the extra large one.. however the handles stick out so far.. I think even if I managed to get my hands on the smaller one, it might still be too big.

                                The box is marked "irregular-missing rack" no second stamp on the piece itself and I can't find anything wrong with it other than it had no rack boxed with it.

                                1. re: grnidkjun

                                  So, it is 1st quality. Sometimes you find those. My 6qt stockpot WITH steamer insert just for $36 ( I think they are together more than $300 at least). No stamp. they are 1st quality. Someone made a mistake. There was a similar one of cuisinart next to it for the same price. I suspect that is may be why. Yours is a gem. You can give it to you mom as a gift and whenever you want to roast, you can go there and share it with your mom. Or sell it at Ebay.

                                  1. re: hobbybaker

                                    Hmmm.. ebay.. might not be a bad idea.

                                    I have a few like that .. that are first quality finds.. actually wandered into Dillards once and the girl said.. I saw a few more items in the back.. (only a few items on shelf).. she came back with:
                                    1 qt Stainless Sauce Pot w/lid - clearanced at 26.25
                                    6 qt Stainless Stock Pot w/lid - clearanced at 55
                                    3 qt Stainless Saute/Fryer w/lid - clearanced at 46

                                    You KNOW I snapped up all three.. that was all they had!

                                    1. re: grnidkjun

                                      grindkjun - You must be in a better area than I in terms of shopping. Even though I have more TJ etc shops, i didn't hit so many good ones as you hit. I will follow your advise to go there on the day of a week they add new items:) But too many shops. I cannot check them all. 2 TJ, 2 homegoods, 2 marshalls. Way too many. I try to go to the one whose location is not that convenient, that way less crowd. Competition is strong in my area and you know, it may be partly because of our conversations here:) What a self contradiction ! I need to keep my mouth shut now so that no more people know about TJs and They will remain our gem... (Joking:)

                                      1. re: hobbybaker

                                        that find at Dillards was a fluke! But I have found some really good ones admittedly.. I'm not searching so hard anymore.. but when I was (my 40th bday to me) I would take a day off here and there.. and just drive.. go to lunch and plan out my route.. it became a nice day to myself a couple of times and paid off to be patient.

                                        I think I really fit in on that cookware obsessed post though.. I kept a spreadsheet of what I had found.. where and price paid.. so I could justify to myself how much I saved over retail. lol

                                        I don't hit finds like that all the time.. but if there's anything you want me to keep an eye out for I will.. had been trying to see if I saw any sauciers.. but that one's off my list now that grayum already found one. :D

                                        I don't make the rounds as much anymore.. but still.. when I have a chance.. I pop in!

                                        1. re: grnidkjun

                                          grindkjun - Thanks. You are always so nice and helpful to me. I now add you on my reading list, so that I don't miss you! I will keep my eyes on the 6.75 Wide LC. This is the last big item for me to watch for this year. But you never know because I am getting the obsession, too, but it is a good one:) We will buy good products and save eventually money if we can keep focus and avoid bad products.

                                        2. re: hobbybaker

                                          I just realized you were meaning your stock pot got marked the same as a calphalon.. heck yeah.. you got a steal! but I'm sure you get a lot of use out of it so.. enjoy!! :)

                                          I hope you find the baking gear you are looking for and find something great!

                      2. re: hobbybaker

                        Couldn't wait -- bought it today! Thanks for all the tips, hobbybaker!

                        1. re: grayum

                          Grayum, Congratulation on the piece, but which one?? I guess you bought the AC. I know you will love it. It worth money. better than the usual all-clad sauciers! It is going to be harder to get as it is a closeout. D5 sauciers will not happen soon either as we both know. You can save your energy and time that way and concentrate on your lobster risotto now!

                          1. re: hobbybaker

                            Oops -- in my excitement, I forgot to mention which I purchased! It was indeed the AC, and I'm looking forward to getting it on the stove right away. Thanks for all your help!

                            1. re: grayum

                              Grayum & Grindjkun, I noticed today our version of the saucier is not anymore available EVEN for $165 as the link below says. It was really a rare commodity, wow! Lucky us!

                              1. re: hobbybaker

                                Wow -- perhaps I got the last one! I'm very pleased with my purchase. Thanks, hobbybaker!

                                1. re: grayum

                                  Just in case anyone else was looking for an all clad 3qt saucier with pour spouts.. found this one on cooking.com:
                                  It's 189.95

                    2. re: hobbybaker

                      Hobbybaker, I bought that same pan too in Bloomies but haven't used it as yet. Do you think it could sub for a similar sized saucepan? Trying unsuccessfully to edit down my All-Clad collection. I don't think I need both a 2.5 qt. windsor saucepan and a saucier of the same size if the saucier can function as a saucepan too.

                      1. re: blondelle

                        Hahahaha, blondelle, again, I thought from opposite direction as you think, it is so funny as I and you do think about the same pieces at the same time.... You know, I saw the windsor pan and thought about buying it as it was a special at WS outlet last week, after all the disc available, it would be around $90!!!! However, I did push back my temptation for my future LC wide piece, which you are almost annoyed to listen to:) I need to save $ for it.

                        Anyway, my conclusion is I am not a big fan of windsor pans as they have a corner on the bottom edge. I prefer the saucier as I want to use a whisk in it for making custard and the 3 qt saucier can indeed reduce sauce as windsors do. I can saute my vegi in it, which winsors cannot. Boiling short amout of vegi can be handled by both pans. So, the saucier is so much more versatile to me. I need no windsor and so might you do unless you do reduce sauce very often and the line showing how many cups are helpful to reduce sauce to the exact amoout! I do not need the details for me.

                        Congratulation on the saucier, it is now a rare piece!!!! Maybe people jumped on it because of our conversations here to help out grayum to get hers:) I am so happy with the saucier as I looked for my optimal saucier so long time, more than eight months, and I finally found it. Welcome to our club of the Saucier. You are the fourth member!

                        1. re: hobbybaker

                          Thanks for your input hobbybaker. I think someone mentioned they saw the 6.75 low wide LC in the outlet for about $100. I got mine for that at a WS store when they were selling them out as they weren't carrying them in the store anymore.

                          My other 'problem' is besides the 3 qt. saucier I also have the 4.5 qt. All-Clad James Beard pan or the ragout pan which they also call it, which is the big brother of the 3 qt. saucier. Just about the same pan, only 1 1/5 qts. larger. Don't want to get rid of either one...LOL. Guess they are both useful. Couldn't leave it in WS for $89.99. The problem is I found a 4 qt. stainless A-C saucepan with helper handle and domed lid in Bloomies for $79.99 which also came with an A-C balloon whisk, spoon and mesh strainer and book. Don't know if I need both. I prefer the saucier shape to saucepan but not sure if I would ever need the taller, straight sides for something. This stuff is sooo hard to get rid of once you have it. I can't pass up a sale...LOL. But then I also have the A-C stainless 6 qt. deep saute which I also couldn't pass up in WS for $74.99 which is a similar size to the 4.5 qt. ragout. I don't even think they use all these pans even on Iron Chef...LOL!

                          What to do...what to do...such problems :-)!

                          1. re: blondelle

                            blondelle, I personally dislike a 6qt deep saute's long handle. IMO 6 qt stockpot is a much better choice and that is why they cost more $. Even with a loop handle, it is hard to hold it in balance as the pan is so big. The handle become especially cumbersom when you put them in the oven or is stored on the shelf, taking too much space. (I gess the balnace problem is somhow solved for d5 as it has a better wider handle.) One pro I found is that AC' s deep frying net basket fits it better as it also has a long handle. I saw the basket and pan sold together at WS outlet for a relatively attractive price. So, for a fan of deep fry, it is a consideration factor, but it is not me.

                            You can use your 6.75 LC wide instead for simmering. You must have another AC fry pan or saute pan (or lodge) for searing, I guess. My recommendation: I would sell 6qt while I can do it and hold the James Beard. Oh, I now feel like becoming a one of the analyst, sell, hold, and buy:) But as you know my rec is biased. Don't sue me as I am not so highly paid as they are:) I am not sponsord by AC either.

                            1. re: hobbybaker

                              Hobbybaker thanks for your feedback. I also prefer the 6 qt. stockpot but it's more than 3 times the price. The 6 qt. deep saute was only $75 so I will live with the handle :-). ! I also have the 4 qt. saute so I guess I don't need the 6 qt. I thought it might be good for making a pasta sauce and for boiling pasta when I didn't want to use my 8 qt. I like the fry basket which can also be used for making stock, and for shocking veggies. I guess you can justify any piece if you try hard enough....LOL.

                              1. re: blondelle


                                I guess I have given in and you should not ever edit! You are genius to find a justification!! Next time, you ask me, I will say, simply keep it! I feel to be educated by you to keep not I help you edit! You do not want to edit at all from the beginning, right? You want to justify to keep by beating down my logic. I got it. lol :)

                                So, now it is my turn. Do you edit if you have both 6 qt and 8 qt stockpots?
                                I got my 6 qt with a steamer insert, just for $35 at TJ Maxx for a couple of years ago. I picked it up as the steamer insert itself cost more than $35 and I thought I could sell the 6 qt. But, I just fell in love with the 6 qt, which is so versatile, and since then, I did not use 8 qt that much. Do you keep 8 qt if you were me? Why? The same question to grindkjun, too. Help me out.

                                1. re: hobbybaker

                                  Of course.. I have another brand 8qt stock pot as well as the AC 6 qt.
                                  I like them both as the AC is sized so differently.. fyi.. it's perfect width for boiling lasagna noodles.. but I think you said you're not a big fan of lasagna.

                                  I find the 6qt ideal for things like ettouffe and such as well.

                                  The 8qt I prefer for boiling potatoes and larger batches of bulkier items.

                                  So far, I've not had a need for anything larger.

                                  1. re: grnidkjun

                                    Oh, it is a good observation of you. Thanks. Yes, the shorter side is excellent for lasagna. Other companies' 6 qt stock pots have higher sides and narrower bottoms, which are better fit to spagetti cooking.

                                    I justify myself to keep both by telling me that the 6 qt is more like a saute pan (as the 6 qt deep saute pan has the identical shape other than the handles) and 8 qt is more like a stockpot, which I got from a set I bought with a deep discount at Bloomies.

                                    As you say, I also need no larger stockpot, If I combine 6 qt and 8 qt, it makes 14 qt, should be enogh for a larger crowds I can think of :)

                            2. re: blondelle

                              Wow, you have had some good finds. I had to look up the James Beard pan.. it looks very similar (in photos) to the WS Saute/Simmer pan they have now.

                              I think Hobby and I can both relate to not passing up a sale.
                              I have the saucier.. actually both the one with the domed lid and pour spout and one that doesn't have the pour spout.

                              I also found the 4qt sauce pot and lid for $99 which was still a good deal over the retail.. but you got a great deal on yours! Congrats!

                              I think Hobby and I are bad influences on keeping items.. but she does have some good points. If you are able to sell an item that is a duplicate, you might want to.

                              I have the AC 6qt stock pot and it's low and wide.. so no need to go for the deep saute for me, but I found a really good deal on it as well. I'm thinking if you don't have something to suit in this size.. and the handle doesn't bother you.. keep it.

                              Of course, I am sitting here with the WS extra large roaster deciding if I'm going to keep it or try and sell on ebay, it was such a good deal, but too big for my oven.. darn it! So.. count me in as another enabler!

                              1. re: grnidkjun

                                Yes, grnidkjun:) We are sisters for value searching. I one time saw at ebay AC Julia Child pan, which looks similar to a saute use (flat bottom and domed lid) but smaller like 3.5qt. Very recently James Beard, too. I saw the extra large roater last week at TJ but it was twice as much as you paid and with a lot of scratches! Your find was indeed a good one.

                      2. Check out the 3 qt. SS saucier from the CIA Masters Collection:


                        If you're willing to consider something slightly smaller, Bonjour has a 2.5 qt. saucier at an attractive price. Take a look on Amazon. It looks to be well made, although I don't have any direct experience with it.

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                        1. re: cheesemaestro

                          Hello - I liked CIA when I initially saw it at my local retailer and it was one of my runner ups back then. However, if I am correct, the rim is not rolled and that is exactly why I did not take it ultimately. To me the easiness of pouring is the very imporatant criteria to choose a saucier as I do a lot of direct pourings with it. I do not particularly like/dislike my All-Clad 3 qt saucier's domed lid (or CIA's domed lid) but the lid fits perfectly to my 10' fry-pan, too, so it does not matter to me. As far as I remembered, another one I liked was Mauviel SS. Looks very beautiful on line but to me the hand is a bit problematic. I ordered their small saucier only so I have no experience with their larger sauciers. There are not so many 3qt SS saucier with rolled rim if I am correct. Ideally, All-Clad would soon make suaciers in D5 as I and grayum wished but they have no plan......

                        2. Demeyere has nice clad conical sauteuse pans in various sizes -

                          1. If you want to spend a little less but still want tri ply, I'd suggest you take a look at this one from JC Penney http://www4.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx?...
                            It's probably not as heavy as the All CLad but has a much more comfortable handle and costs less than half as much.

                            1. Get copper.
                              Mauviel has a stainless lined one with pouring rim (no little spout). You can get it in a 2 or 2.5mm thickness from Williams Sonoma.
                              If there's one pot that's best to be made from copper, it's a saucier.

                              1. Appreciate all the great suggestions. While Mauviel and Demeyere are beautiful, they're too pricey for me. And like hobbybaker, the rolled rim is important to me, which rules out several otherwise appealing options. I plan to keep an eye on the all-clad and LC SS to see whether I can catch one of them on sale. Thanks again!

                                1. grayum,

                                  It's larger than 3 qt, but have you seen this 4.5 qt AC Copper Core Round Oven that is at Williams-Sonoma?Since it is their Copper Core line, $179 seems like a pretty good value.

                                  To me, the pot's rounded bottom and sides looks like a saucier shape, and it does have a rolled rim. I actually prefer short handles to long handles, which take up so much space. And for sauces, I am using whisks or spoons, and it seems easier to me to pour with two short handles.

                                  Or is it just too big and/or pricey? -sou

                                  1. What about this one if you are looking for tri ply on a budget:

                                    BBB also has the LC version, but I still say call an outlet store and see what their price is if you are interested in this piece.. the ones I saw at the outlet the other weekend did not appear to be seconds.. but there was also a 30% off a couple weeks ago.


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                                    1. re: grnidkjun

                                      I wish you could still find this line of 5 ply fully clad by KA.
                                      I have the saucier as well as the AC one. I use both and don't see much difference.

                                      I can't seem to find this line anywhere now.. I think it's been discontinued and they only make the "gourmet" lines now. which have disc bottoms on the stainless gourmet version.
                                      CI reviewed the gourmet one and not the 5 ply.

                                      If you come across one in this line.. I think you would be just as happy with it if you like this style of handle.

                                      *I'll stop looking for sauciers now... I feel like I get to go bargain hunting and spend someone else's $$ ;o)

                                    2. Just for the reference for a 3 qt SS saucier or chef's pan - not only for grayum but also other people looking in the future, I post the products, mentioned not yet by other people and I once considered to choose my optimal 3 qt saucier. Sometimes people looking for cookware reach here through googling, too, as I was the one of them; so, I hope it might be a little help for those.

                                      Some of them were ruled out as they are not cladded upt to rim and have only a disc bottom. Some of them are removed as I cananot take a look in person, etc etc. As I stated, I love to have a rolled rim for pouring, I did not put the USUAL All-Clad 3qt Sauciers and CIA sauciers. Also, induction capabile is another key word for me. I found the recommendation by grindkjun, Calphalon 3qt, a really good option but my priority was induction capable, that way it was ruled out from my list. To me the All-Clad's close out version of the saucier and LC 3.5 chef's pan was the best. Good luck for the search!

                                      - Marcus Unity 3.5 Quart Open Saucier: looks like a good quality pan. as far as I remember someone in this board praised the quality of Marcus. No retailes near me do carry this product. Maybe not fully clad? Induction ready?


                                      - Mauviel M'Cook stainless curved splayed saute pan 3 qt: Beautiful pan, but the Mauviel's angled handle is a bit problematic to me. I like All-Clad's handle better as I have very small hands. The bottom is flat not round. I am impressed, but honestly, too expensive to me:)

                                      - Analon saucier 3 qt: looks a good pan but don't like the color. I guess Macy's carries it.

                                      - BlinQ saucier 3 qt: I saw their sauce pans quite often at at TJMax but not a saucier. Don't like the color. They have white and pink, but it is not my taste to have a color outside and Le Creuset is the exception.

                                      - Cuisinart chef's pan 3 qt: I dislike the disc bottom. not induction capable?

                                      - MIU chef's pan 3 qt: Sounds like disc bottom only based on Amazon.

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                                      1. re: hobbybaker

                                        Addition to the above: Marcus looks like fully clad and induction ready based on the info on their website. Maybe no lid with the pan? Can be a better choice than LC if no lid is not a problem. Strangely, they do not have the saucier in the product page. Strange. They are made in the US.You can check the retailers carrying this product there, too. :) http://www.marcuscookware.com/pagesMa...

                                        1. re: hobbybaker

                                          hobbybaker, if you are trying to be encyclopedic, why not this: http://www.amazon.com/Chantal-Copper-...

                                          1. re: Politeness

                                            I know it is too long. Sorry. I don't know the Chantal. Are they good quality products? I like their stoneware though.

                                            1. re: hobbybaker

                                              hobbybaker: "I don't know the Chantal. Are they good quality products?"

                                              Chantal makes first tier products in Germany, and has other lines that have a very high value for the price level made to Chantal's specifications in China. The German Chantals are not surpassed, though maybe equaled by the best of the competition. I doubt that anyone equals the quality of Chantal's enamel; one can quibble about the means for attaching the handles to the body of the pots, but quibbles make horse races.

                                              The Copper Fusion line is one of the very few induction-compatible copper enhanced lines of cookware available at any price (Demeyere Sirocco and Atlantis are the only others I can call to mind offhand).

                                              BTW, one other candidate for your encyclopedic list: http://www.fjorn.com/tc1623121.html

                                              1. re: Politeness

                                                Politeness - Sorry for my long listing posts. Hope you and others don't think I am a crazy person:) I am not an expert like you and that is exactly why it took me so long, almost 6 months - after reviewing all those things to finally settled with my All-Clad saucier. But I am very much satisfied with it. I do not think your suggested one can be used as a saucier and I am not a big fan of enamel cookware and colors. but looks like a quality item. I kind of avoid copper pieces after one piece from the All-Clad Cop'R chef. Beautiful but too much work for me to maintain it to be beautiful:)

                                                1. re: hobbybaker

                                                  hobbybaker: "I am not an expert like you.."

                                                  Gee, you ladle compliments on really thickly, don't you? Me an expert? Nah, like the TV character Monk, I'm merely an obsessive-compulsive about cookware.

                                                  hobbybaker: "Hope you and others don't think I am a crazy person."

                                                  You are welcome to join my club of happily crazy people.

                                                  hobbybaker: "I do not think your suggested one can be used as a saucier..."

                                                  We (even those among us who are not obsessive-compulsive) can get distracted by labels. I had thought of linking to a pan shaped like the ones that you mentioned, but Chantal calls that pan a frypan, not a saucier. Over in this thread,: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/684315, the posters wanted to make the distinction between saucepans and sauciers on the basis of the ratio of height to width.

                                                  1. re: Politeness

                                                    Yes, the terms, saucier and chef's pan made my search longer. I am amazed that many people here have vast amount of knowledge almost like a industry insider:0 (Especially, knife topic.... ) Thank you for the warm welcom to your club. You are my guru now:) By the way, what is your saucier? Is it Mauviel? As you implied, the handle's curve was a bit uncomfortable to me, otherwise, very nice but far beyond my budget!

                                                    1. re: hobbybaker

                                                      hobbybaker: "By the way, what is your saucier? Is it Mauviel?"

                                                      You are asking me to name just one, right?

                                                      We have a 2.3 quart Demeyere Apollo saucier.

                                                      We have a Kuhn-Rikon Duromatic 2.5 liter frypan.

                                                      We have a Mauviel Induc'Inox Windsor pan that is somewhere near 2 liters.

                                                      We also have some Descoware enameled cast-iron frypans.

                                                      I'm not sure which one is our saucier.

                                                2. re: Politeness


                                                  I interrupt this line of post to ask you a question regarding Mauviel Induc'inox.
                                                  Is it made of three layers of material, stainless-magnetic-stainless with no highly conductive layer? Is there ever a problem with hot spots. I have been looking at Mauviel M'Cook and the new AC d5 but have found some Induc'Inox. I know that both AC and M'Cook have alum. sandwiched in the layers to spread the heat. Your take please. I had been targeting the Demeyere Atlantis line until the review in Cooks Illustrated. Kind of relieved though, never liked the look of the bottom of the sauce pots or the price.

                                                  1. re: mygsons

                                                    Hi mygsons,

                                                    "Mauviel Induc'inox. Is it made of three layers of material, stainless-magnetic-stainless with no highly conductive layer?"

                                                    Apparently so. From the heft, compared to the Demeyere Apollo 5-ply pieces, I would guess that the middle layer has not only a higher specific density, but also a greater thickness, than the middle three layers of the Demeyere or the single aluminum middle layer in typical tri-ply cookware.

                                                    "Is there ever a problem with hot spots."

                                                    Not on our cooktop. But we use induction. The Mauviel Induc'Inox responds to induction even more satisfyingly than the superb Demeyere does. When we apply the magnetic field to it, it all heats up at once.

                                                    "... have found some Induc'Inox."

                                                    Snap it up fast. It is really, really good, and it is getting scarcer than hen's teeth.

                                                    High end woks are made of carbon steel; I am guessing that the middle layer of the Induc'Inox is made of a similar material. It may not be "highly conductive," but it is much more conductive than stainless steel. Most good woks cook fairly well.

                                                    1. re: Politeness

                                                      I forgot to mention that I have an induction cooktop by Braun. We also have a couple of Demeyere pieces, an Apollo saute and a CONTROLINDUC frying pan.

                                                      Thanks for the information. I think I'll buy a piece and give it a try!