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Feb 25, 2010 08:18 AM

Magnolia Bakery GCS

Can any hounds confirm if the new Magnolia bakery open in Grand Central Station (across and down a bit from Mendy's) is certified Kosher? If so, is it under the UKS - Rabbi Yaakov Spivak? TIA.

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  1. Who makes a better cupcake....Magnolia or Crumbs ?

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    1. re: sima

      I'd love to find out......so the question remains; who makes a better KOSHER cupcake?

      1. re: Himishgal

        They are both certified kosher--all Crumbs, and the UWS Magnolia. Whether you value the rabbi's opinion is another matter.

        1. re: DeisCane

          Crumbs is better. Magnolia is too rich. Crumbs also has more flavors.

          1. re: craigcep

            I agree on Crumbs although I can't finish one of their cupcakes on my own. I found Magnolia to be well...kinda dull. Just a lot of sugar and no flavor, not even a white cake with buttercream flavor.

    2. It is certified Kosher and by the UKS!