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Feb 25, 2010 08:09 AM

Brunch spot?

Good morning - I've searched the boards for recent brunch recommendations and did see a thread about jazz brunches. What I'm really interested in is the food. Who has the best brunch food in town?? Willing to take a taxi or streetcar from the CBD. I've been unimpressed with CP in the past, so would really like other recommendations.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts/experiences!

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  1. Houston or New Orleans (CBD)??

    1. Okay - I edited this post to be for Houston since it was posted in error. Unfortunaely, the edit is not showing up for some reason. I will try again. Sorry for any confusion.

      Since I had the opportunity, I thought it would be a good question for Houston too. What are your favorite brunch spots?

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        So evidently there is a two hour window to edit posts. Since I didn't know that my previous edit didn't work, I missed the window. Again, apologies for the confusion!

        I guess I'll start on the Houston favs. I always enjoy Baba Yega in Montrose. Great prices, selection, and food. Also, when I'm not as concerned about costs, I LOVE the brunch at Truluck's.

        I'd really like to know what other gems folks have found in Houston.

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            Trulucks has brunch? I was looking on their website and it didn't see it. What is it like? Menu, not buffet, right?

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              Definately menu. Haven't been in a while, but it is/was only on Sunday until 2pm. Had great items like benedict with stone crab, some sort of heavenly potato thing with crawfish and a jalapeno hollandaise. Yum! Maybe now that they are more of a chain they've gone away from brunch. That would be a shame.

          2. As far as CP goes, it's back on it's game this year. It is outstanding and you won't find food or service for that price in Houston. I've been there when it was so-so, still really good just not at it's best and I've been there when it was simply amazing. Most NO restaurants do that and it's frustrating. Brennan's is another one that runs hot for a few years then gets sloppy for a while before returning to what it's known for.

            I've always enjoyed the Brennan's in Houston and am anxious to give it a try since it's reopened. It seems to be more consistent than the one in NO. But I don't eat there but once every 4-5 years so it could be just good timing.

            1. Backstreet Cafe - Duck pizza and yummy drinks, very busy though
              Mockingbird Bistro
              Empire Cafe - very good bloody mary's
              Tiny Boxwoods
              Max and Julie's

              Tiny Boxwoods
              3614 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77027

              Mockingbird Bistro
              1985 Welch, Houston, TX 77019

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                Wholeheartedly second Backstreet Cafe. On a recent brunch trip on a rainy Saturday afternoon, on top of being normally busy there was a wedding brunch going on as well in their private room. My husband and I were happily surprised to receive extremely attentive service by the staff and general manager. Delicious, high-quality food and customer service are obvious top priorities here.

                The Breakfast Klub was recently named one of Esquire's 59 Best Breakfasts in America.

                Breakfast Klub
                3711 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

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                  Thanks all! Going to have to try some of these soon.