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Feb 25, 2010 07:56 AM

Old Lisbon-Coral Way & 17th

Hi all,
Any recent experiences, positive or negative?

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  1. I'd love to know as well. Everytime I pass it, it's packed. Must be good, no?

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      I heard they are opening a new location on Sunset Dr. off 57th Avenue, near Sunset Place.

    2. I personally loved this place when I visited a couple months ago...would love to go again. Must like bacalao...

      1. Hi all,
        i had an enjoyable dinner with a solid, interesting wine selection. Not over the top, but very good service, attention, and solid meal

        1. Went to the Old Lisbon on Sunset drive in SoMi. Had the rice with seafood for one. It was very good. Rice and the scallops and squids were perfectly cooked. My son had a great churrasco. It comes with rice and "fries". The latter being large pieces of potato fried but not in the classic french fry or even steak fry style. I loved the pickled vegetables (my dish did not come with it and I would order extra on the side it is that good) A tad on the expensive side but the dishes were huge. My husband had the cod and was not madly in love with it but that's cod for you. They serve the cod that has been salted to preserve and it has a stronger taste than the fresh cod. They have lots and lots of cod on the menu. Service was attentive. Overall a good experience.