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Feb 25, 2010 07:56 AM

Dim Sum places in the suburbs

Outside of Chinatown, I have not been able to locate any restaurants that offer the traditional dim sum service on weekends. Are there any?

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  1. I don't know, but I also would be intereted to know. Northeast is just not as good as California for Chinese foods.

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      I am not aware of ANY chinese restaurant in the philadelphia suburbs that does a "cart" based dim sum. If you are looking for the best dumplings in the suburbs, I would go to Suzanne Foo's place in Radnor.

      Regarding your comment about the Northeast and dim sum, I have had very good dim sum in New York Chinatown, as well as in Queens, where the best chinese food in NY can be found today. It may not be as plentiful as in South San Francisco, Vancouver or parts of LA, but is definitely good.

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        Thanks for your information on Suzanne Foo's. I am sure that help the original poster. Is it better than the Dim Sum in Chinatown of Philly?

        I am glad that you have very good Dim Sum in NY Chinatown, but I thought people say the best Chinese food in NY is in Flushing, no? Maybe you are referring to Flushing as the Chinatown, instead of Manhattan. I heard my coworkers said that they say NY Manhattan is not very good compared to Flushing, but I won't know.

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          When I referred to Queens.. thats flushing. I agree with you that Flushing really does have a better variety and so forth but there are good places in Chinatown.

          Susanne Foo is a chinese fusion restaurant, which makes fantastic dumplings. I think Dim Sum Garden or Sakura in chinatown make the best classical dumplings, and are the best sources for xiao long bao if you are partial to soup dumplings.

    2. Sadly, there few choices. At one time, there was a terrific place in Montgomeryville's Five Point Plaza (restaurant name excapes me) that had Dim Sum every Sunday. We would attend every week and get a handful of items off the menu, along with their sweet & sour chicken, which they would put in a half of a pineapple doused with rum and set on fire. That place was OUTSTANDING but sadly, they closed a few years back.
      As mentioned, Susanna Foo has a few dim sum items, as does Margaret Kuo's but you won't find any place like the now defunct restaurant in Montgomeryville.

      Not to hijack-- but does anyone know if those guys ever opened up another place anywhere, or what it was called?

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        I, too, remember that restaurant in Montgomeryville The last time that I went there was at least ten years ago. Did it have the name "Imperial" in the title? My memory may be faulty. I don't know where the owners went.

      2. You can barely get good dim in CC, so it would be a huge stretch to locate a dim sum restaurant in the burbs. Philly is not known for its Cantonese cuisine. Like others have said, stick with Shanghai style XLB.