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I'm flying into Portland next Friday night. We'd like to go someplace for some wine and snacks around 10pm. Not looking for anyplace clubbish. Any recommendations?

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  1. Can you define "clubbish"? That's a new word for me.
    We have many excellent wine bars: Pour, Noble Rot, Metrovino, Bar Avignon for example.
    Edit: Add Navarre to your list.

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      Ha! Sorry - my definition of clubbish is young, singles dance place, meet market, etc. Thanks for the suggestions!

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        All of those mentioned above fit your criteria. The bar at Higgins has more of a pub feel, but has excellent food and a great wine list.

        Even Saucebox, which is right near some of the downtown hotels, and used to be a nightclub, isn't all that 'club-ish'.

        If you are staying at one of the Riverfront hotels, you might check out Thirst. I haven't been there, but people say good things.