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Feb 25, 2010 07:06 AM

Thai in Charlotte?

Any recommendations for good, fresh, authentic Thai food in or near Charlotte? Thanks!

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  1. My favorite Thai restaurant in Charlotte is Monsoon on South Blvd. 2nd is Thai Taste on East. Thai Orchid on Providence (Strawberry Hill) will do. I've recently discovered a restaurant in Pineville (by Lowe's) called Viet Thai Noodle House. I have gotten pho every time I've gone but others with me have ordered off the Thai menu and have said good things about it.

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    1. re: southernitalian

      Monsoon and Thai Taste are both great. Thai House in the Tower Place shopping center is very good (a lot better than the previous Thai House that was across the way).
      Thai Thai on East. Blvd. is take-out only but excellent.

      1. re: southernitalian

        SI, you don't care for Bangkok Ocha in Carmel Commons Shopping Center? I think it is superior to Thai House which has previously had issues with health inspection grades. Bangkok Ocha has great service and wonderful lunch specials.

        Thai Taste is such a pain to get in and out of.

        A new Thai restaurant is slated to open in March in Blakeney shopping center where Sugar Magnolia used to be. It's called Blue Basil and is owned by the same dude who owns the Sushi 101 places in town.

        1. re: lynnlato

          There's a place called Blue Basil in the Cotswold shopping center but it's a lousy soup/salad/sandwich place. I wonder if it's related somehow?

          1. re: HungryGrayCat

            There was no mention of a connection between them in the article I read in the CO. The one in Cotswold is spelled "Blu Basil", no "e". :)

            1. re: lynnlato

              Gee, that's not confusing. Blu Basil in Cotswold just got a not-so-enthusiastic review in the Observer. I hope Blue Basil has more luck. It might solely because there really isn't and Thai down there. And there's not much else in that shopping center.

              1. re: southernitalian

                So they are naming themselves the exact same name of an existing restaurant (minus an 'e').

                Not to mention Basil Thai Restaurant downtown.

                Which is not too far from Blue Restaurant downtown.

                All a short Lynx ride away from Basil's Restaurant on Old Pineville.

                1. re: billyjack

                  Not to mention that Lynx is the Blue Line! LOL

                2. re: southernitalian

                  It's all a recipe for disaster. However, the masses are difficult to please down here in suburbia. :-( Waaaaah....

                  It is a dumb name, if I may say so...

                3. re: lynnlato

                  Did this place eventually open or reopen as Thai 1st (seemingly when it realized there was another restaurant with almost the same name)? We went to Thai 1st, across the street from the Blakeney shopping center on Saturday during the day. I asked our server how long it had been open and he said a year and a few months. I didn't think those shops on the that side of Rea (near Best Buy) were open much longer than that so if Sugar Magnolia was ever there, it must have been short lived.

                  We ordered "lettuce cups" as a starter. Our server brought us one plate (we're used to two; one for the lettuce leaves and another with the friend noodles underneath the chicken/shrimp mixture, called mee crob on most Thai menus in town). We received a very narrow wedge of iceberg, much too small to use as cups. There was a small scoop of noodles, not fried, and a small scoop of chicken, cashews and vegetables in large chunks. Much too chunky to have put into a lettuce cup even if the cup was normal sized. We divided the dish and just ate it with chop sticks. Just okay.

                  We also ordered two entrees. Again, okay but nothing spectacular. The veggies in my friends dish definitely looked frozen. There were no lunch specials on the menu. Soups were only available in sizes for two and started at $10. Along with two diet cokes, our order came to $44 (plus a generous tip because our server was great and the food misses were not his fault). Way, way too much for lunch out in Blakeney. I am surprised this place is still opened although they were advertising a lot of drink specials throughout the week so maybe it's doing most of its business at night as a bar. LL, that's your neck of the woods. Have you been?

                  1. re: southernitalian

                    I don't think it'll be long before this one bites the dust. I went once because a neighbor said they really enjoyed it but I didn't expect much - I mean how could we possibly have decent Thai in Blakeney? It just didn't seem possible. And I was underwhelmed and wrote it off along with the other restaurants in Blakeney. My understanding is it opened as Thai Basil or something like that and then no long after switched ownership and that is what prompted the name change.

                    Thai Basil
                    227 W State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711

              2. re: lynnlato

                I park down the street from Thai Taste. It's a death trap trying to pull out backwards onto east Blvd. I do like Bangkok Ocha but I'm rarely over there.

                1. re: lynnlato

                  I try to like Bangkok Ocha because they are very nice but I find the food somewhat tame, not just in heat but overall flavors.

                  Judging by the sushi at 101, I don't think I'd be motivated to go to a Thai place from the same owners.

                  1. re: billyjack

                    "Judging by the sushi at 101, I don't think I'd be motivated to go to a Thai place from the same owners."

                    My sentiments exactly. Sadly, you can't expect much in suburbia.

                    As for Bangkok Ocha, I guess different strokes for different folks. Funny thing is I always thought of Thai House as tame and kind of dumbed down for western palates.

                    1. re: lynnlato

                      I would've agreed with you about Thai House until I revisited about 2 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised.

                    2. re: billyjack

                      When and how did sushi 101 and Thai taste become connected? Are u sure this is correct?
                      IMHO Sushi 101 = not so hot
                      Thai Taste = I like a lot! They serve a crispy duck Pad Thai that is one of my favs. dishes.

                      1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                        I think you might be misunderstanding my (or someone else's) comments.

                        Sushi 101 is indeed not so hot; if I have a choice I don't eat there. Apparently the owner is opening a "Thai" place in Blakeney. Who knows, maybe it will work. But I'll wait until someone I trust tells me its good :-).

                        Thai Taste owns their own restaurants and is good as ever.

                2. We often get takeout from Thai Orchid. I think Thai Orchid does a pretty good job. Monsoon is also pretty good. However, we recently tried takeout from Thai Thai Takeout in Dilworth Commons (next to Outback Steakhouse). I think this is by far the freshest tasting Thai food I have had in Charlotte. Sadly, they are not open for lunch because I would love to run out there during the week days

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                  1. re: hazardnc

                    I love Thai Thai. Its probably my favorite. They used to serve lunch and I would eat there once or twice a week, but apparently business wasn't good enough (or they got tired!) and they stopped lunch service. I no longer work in the neighborhood so I hardly get there anymore. You can truly tell the flavors and ingredients aren't "dumbed down". Real galangal, fresh chilis, and dried shrimp, oh my! I could really go for a green papaya salad and pad kee mao right about now....

                  2. My favorite is Thai taste (all locations), but I really haven't gone to many of the others. They have great lunch specials, as Thai food here is pretty expensive here, and are really friendly.
                    I lived in Bangkok for about seven months, where food is always spectacular, and the food is just great at Thai Taste too.

                    My suggestion for great Thai places is to make sure that the people are Thai or Laotian. That's not to say other people can't make great Thai food, but in my experience, they really know how it's done right.

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                    1. re: criegel

                      Wait a minute... Thai people know how to make great Thai food? What a revelation!

                      Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)

                    2. My favorite place is Siam Garden on Whitehall Park Dr. across the street from Ayrsley on Tryon. I have been a couple of times, it's my new favorite.
                      3607 Whitehall Park Dr # X ยท Charlotte
                      (704) 583-4414

                      1. I just ate at Thai House again (in the Tower Place shopping center on 51). And again it was fantastic. I don't know what changed there, or when, but I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven't been there in a while. I was there for lunch and when I asked for my curry "very spicy" it was prepared with fresh peppers which is always a pleasant surprise.

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                        1. re: billyjack

                          We go to Thai House in Pineville a lot, and it is always a good meal.

                          I am stuck on the Gulf of Siam dish - mussels, whitefish, scallops, shrimp, and squid in a light but spicy broth with fresh vegetables. Can't stop ordering it....

                          1. re: mcap

                            I'm curious why no one suggested Basil uptown, other than to mention the name confusion.

                            1. re: kathleen purvis

                              I think Basil is way too expensive. Really small portions, spotty service. Not authentic. Too many other good options.

                              1. re: kathleen purvis

                                I've never eaten there, mainly because I've honestly not had anyone tell me to go there :-). I sometimes work uptown, but its a bit too expensive for lunch. I guess I forget about it when dinner comes around.

                                1. re: billyjack

                                  My (Thai) wife and I were in Charlotte for the weekend for the USATF 10K championships so we ate at the Thai Taste branch in Matthew's. Absolutely superb! We got the laab mentioned on the special board, the beef salad (Yam Nua) and the Pad Thai. All were excellent and my wife thought that the laab was the best she'd ever had. Portions were large and service was excellent. The cook on duty was Lao not Thai, and he obviously had not modified the dishes as so many Thai restaurants think is necessary to accommodate the western palate. The food was great and authentic.